Beware Emboldened Terrorists

Discussion in 'Political Discussions' started by Bill Huffman, Feb 2, 2007.

  1. SteveFoerster

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    I realize that, and wasn't suggesting that reservists aren't sworn to follow the president's orders, even really shortsighted ones. My point was that Iraq wasn't a foreign enemy, or at least one with any meaningful ability to harm the U.S. Invading and occupying it has been a serious waste of manpower, materiel, and a trillion dollars worth of money. All I meant by referring to reservists is that it's a shame that they've been called up and had their lives disrupted in support of such a bad plan.

    Both of those would be good things. But the way I see it, we caused the first one by invading and occupying, and I don't see how the second is possible by means of continued occupation.

  2. lspahn

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    Steve, the basic arguement is that this is the center of muslim extremism. And they attacked us first...Remember people falling over a thousand feet because they were on fire? Remeber the people who had to call their families from the planes or tower to say goodbye? Remember all the firefighters who died saving people inside the towers? Do you Remember the Grey dust cover people? The screaming and running? Do yo have kids? Do you remeber the look on there face? Remeber, Remember Remember. I know some may not see the connection, but for people who support the war on terrorism, it is insensing that people seem so forgetful after so many people died. These people want us ALL dead, and those who dont believe in the fight will still be given no quarter, and even less respect.

    The people we are fighting now are part of the organization that hit us first. Saddam is just the worst poker player of all time and set the stage to have his country be the battlegruond for this war. Some mis-calculations? Hell yeah, but I personally would rather fight it there then say Paris, London, or worse here.

    Here is a loaded questions, so people excuse my sarcasm..:D

    Is anyone racist enought to think that they are not capable of accomplishing there stated goals?If another country(ies) did the same, say China, Germany, Russia, or hell even Venezula would people be a short sighted? Is it because they are "Arab Nutz" or "Muslim Crazies". People just seem to underestimate them and I can figure out a reason why.

    It is not up to the service person to even give an opinion on the orders or the President. Most servicemen I know HATED Clinton, and still followed orders. Saluted him, and all that jazz. Thats what soldiers do. Follow Orders. Period no questions asked. And its because there are the few will do that, we get to argue like kids on boards like this.

    Glad to see the place alive again....
  3. Khan

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  4. lspahn

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    That an easy 3 step plan Khan...

    1. We are drawing them to iraq like bugs to a light....Thats what we are doing.

    2. Then we squash them like the bugs they are....

    3. Repeat if necessary...

    On another note...

    Did anyone see the Iranians captured some english navy guys in Iraqi waters?
  5. SteveFoerster

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    So wait a second, are you saying that turning Iraq into a quagmire, then staying there, was not only the plan, but it's a good plan?

  6. lspahn

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    Not totally....

    We may be in agreement that current leadership is incompetant. This is not the problem they have managed to turn it into by bowing to political correctness and corporate pressure, the extremes from both sides. I know your not suggesting your would rather fight them here? I think the issue is how is has been handled. The core plan was great, just implementation has sucked. When they bowed to pressrue in Falusha the first time it was over. Thats what started the as you called it "quagmire". We are being successful at fighting them there and not here. Exactly how many attacks here since 9/11...o that would be none. SO we have been successful. I think you are arguing that the price is too much, which is a valid arguement, but you cannot serious thinks we are worse off by drawing them there and not here..They will just come here when we leave...Im sure they are packing bags now since they know what date the dems want....

    These people are like bullies and understand only one thing, a good punch in the mouth or a 500lb bomb up their....well u know..
  7. SteveFoerster

    SteveFoerster Resident Gadfly Staff Member

    I suppose I don't agree with that any more that I would that we had to fight the communists in Texas because we pulled out of Vietnam. Besides, it seems the issue there is more just plain old sectarian violence than it is al-Qaeda.

  8. lspahn

    lspahn New Member

    OK Steve..back to the

    The communist are different from teh terrorist...consider this...

    The socialist and communist are part of western civilization. They want what we want ...a warm house, food, a school for their kids, a job to earn it, and a safe place to live.....

    Thats what us good ole red(or blue) blooded americains want....Just a different path..

    These guys dont want that...and they have said over and over again they will attack here and have a totally different world view...

    The commies wanted to show us there system was better (which it wasnt as history proved) these guys want you to covernt or seperate your head from your sholders...

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