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    Hello, I'm new to the forums, but I figured I would post and ask some advice. I'm in the Military getting ready to deploy in a few months, and while I am deployed I plan on taking online courses, but before then I want to knock out some of the cleps, since the tests are free for me. I took the American Government practice test on Peterson's without and review or studying while I was bored earlier, and got a 51, so I figured with a week or two of studying I should be able to get a solid passing grade on it. Anyways, my biggest question to some of you who have taken lots of CLEPS is what is the best order to do them in? I know that some of them overlap, and build each other up, has anyone found an order in which to knock out a few in a matter of 3 months or so? I have no problem dedicating time to studying, and I will be taking classes through Central Texas College probably because they have the courses on CD that don't require internet access, which will be ideal for deployment. Thanks for your time and help in advance.
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    I completed 51 credits in 6 weeks. Here is what I took:

    08-14-2002 DANTES Intro to Criminal Justice
    08-14-2002 DANTES Intro to Law Enforcement

    09-04-2002 DANTES Intro to Computing
    09-04-2002 DANTES Organizational Behav
    09-04-2002 DANTES Envir and Humanity
    09-09-2002 DANTES – HR Management
    09-09-2002 DANTES Tech Writing
    09-09-2002 DANTES Intro to Business
    09-12-2002 DANTES Here’s to you Health
    09-17-2002 CLEP History and Social Science
    09-19-2002 ECE Labor relations
    09-22-2002 DANTES Ethics
    09-22-2002 DANTES MIS
    09-26-2002 ECE Production/Operation Mgt
    09-30-2002 CLEP English w/essay

    Prior to that I took:
    CLEP Humanities
    CLEP English w/o essay
    CLEP Analy and Interp Lit
    CLEP History I
    CLEP General Math
    CLEP Sociology

    I used the pass rates for the military to decide what to take. High passing scores for the military meant it was not impossible to pass. If I know something about the subject I took the test. I was in the Reserves so it was free.

    The only overlap was the general humanities and CLEP History and Social Science. I only got three credits for one of them instead of 6.
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    Here's all the exams I have taken, and the order in which I did so:

    CLEP/DSST Exam History

    1998--AP English Language--3 & Literature--4
    05-01-2006 CLEP Social Sciences and History --65
    05-01-2006 CLEP History of the United States I: Early Colonization to 1877 --65
    07-22-2008 CLEP American Government 60
    08-08-2008 CLEP History of the United States II: 1865 to the Present-- 67
    08-29-2008 DSST The Civil War and Reconstruction-- 61

    09-26-2008 Uexcel Psychology-B
    10-18-2009 GRE Psychology--720--87th percentile
    10-31-2008 Uexcel Political Science-B
    11-07-2008 CLEP Analyzing and Interpreting Literature-- 66
    11-14-2008 DSST Organizational Behavior --69
    11-25-2008 DSST Here's to Your Health-- 442
    11-25-2008 DSST Substance Abuse --463

    12-05-2008 DSST Environment and Humanity: The Race to Save the Planet 58
    12-05-2008 DSST Physical Geology-- 54

    12-13-2008 DSST Technical Writing --55
    12-14-2008 DSST General Anthropology-- 55
    12-20-2008 DSST Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union-- 59

    12-23-2008 DSST Principles of Supervision -- 58
    12-23-2008 CLEP Principles of Management --69
    01-06-2009 CLEP Principles of Marketing-- 61
    01-06-2009 DSST Principles of Statistics-- 435
    01-08-2009 DSST Business Law II --48
    01-08-2009 CLEP Introductory Business Law-- 59
    01-13-2009 DSST Human Resource Management 61
    01-13-2009 DSST Business Mathematics --61
    01-13-2009 DSST Introduction to Business-- 64

    01-23-2009 DSST Introduction to Law Enforcement-- 69
    02-06-2009 DSST Foundations of Education-- 72
    02-06-2009 DSST Criminal Justice --427

    ----------------------------Excelsior Liberal Studies degree was completed at this point for me, I already started with some credits

    03-09-2009 CLEP American Literature-- 66
    04-03-2009 CLEP English Literature-- 74
    04-04-2009 GRE Literature In English--530--54th percentile
    04-09-2009 CLEP Humanities --69
    04-09-2009 DSST Art of the Western World --70
    04-28-2009 CLEP Western Civilization I: Ancient Near East to 1648-- 62
    04-28-2009 CLEP Western Civilization II: 1648 to the Present-- 63
    05-12-2009 DSST Human/Cultural Geography-- 63
    05-12-2009 DSST Introduction to World Religions-- 448
    05-15-2009 DSST A History of the Vietnam War -- 62
    05-20-2009 Western Europe since 1945 58

    05-29-2009 Money and Banking 50
    06/04/2009 CLEP Biology--59
    06/05/2009 DSST An Introduction to the Modern Middle East 54
    06-11-2009 Principles of Macroeconomics 52
    06-12-2009 Astronomy 58
    07-15-2009 Lifespan Developmental Psychology 66
    07-15-2009 Ethics in America 451
    07-30-2009 Introduction to Computing 442

    07-30-2009 Introduction to Educational Psychology 70
    07-30-2009 Fundamentals of Counseling 60
    07-30-2009 Human Growth and Development 65

    08-26-2009 Personal Finance 418
    10-07-2009 English Composition 60
    10-07-2009 College Mathematics 53

    The best way, for me, was to study for two exams together for a week or two and then take them both the same day. Try and group similar subjects together, like taking Intro. Psychology and Intro to Educational Psychology together.
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