Best MBA option for military

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    Yeah, I'm definitely looking into that. The only thing that's holding me back right now is figuring out a way to pay for it.
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    One of my friends is going to Murray State for their military-friendly MBAs. He was stationed at Ft Campbell where they apparently have a good reputation around there.
    Mississipi State has some residency requirements to qualify for their military tuition, namely being a resident of the Southeastern U.S (think states in the SEC conference).
    OK State is a good one and is an option that I'm considering also, especially their dual MBA/MSTM. You can't beat 2 grad degrees for $17K from an AACSB program.
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    If you're going to live in Southeast Missouri (St. Louis and further south), Southern Illinois (Carbondale area) or the state of Kentucky, then Murray State would be a good choice assuming the price is right. Outside of that area, not many people are familiar with the school.
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    Hey thanks I got some info from here
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    OK State online MBA rates are increasing for 2013

    You may wish to navigate through the links at this website for more information on the distance learning program: Distance Learning. If you wish to apply to the MBA program, please visit our web site at: Master of Business Administration – Distance Learning | Distance Learning. .

    * Deadlines for submission of the above material are July 1 for fall enrollments, and November 1 for spring enrollments.

    Approximate Tuition and Fees:
    Active Duty Military: $325 per credit hour*
    Oklahoma residents: $358 per credit hour
    Non-Oklahoma residents: $889 per credit hour
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