Best DL program to be an intstructor?

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by Dave Taylor, Sep 5, 2001.

  1. Dave Taylor

    Dave Taylor New Member

    I am curious to hear if anyone has recommendations on DL programs that are great venues from an instructors perspective? Or is there a central clearinghouse of instructors wanted listings for DL oriented programs? My background is technical/marketing/business and I have an MS Ed and relevant teaching experience.

  2. Dave Taylor

    Dave Taylor New Member

    um, that should read INSTRUCTOR. Sorry for the typo!
  3. Tom Head

    Tom Head New Member

    A clearinghouse would be nice, but I haven't found one yet. Right now I'm filing expression-of-interest forms with various DL-friendly universities and community colleges, with some success. In particular, Rio Salado Community College has 3,600 adjuncts and needs more, but you have to get an Arizona community college teaching certification first (no major deal; just call them and ask for the form). And if you earned your M.Ed. at least five years ago, the University of Phoenix probably has an opening for you.

    Good luck.


    Tom Head
  4. Dave Taylor

    Dave Taylor New Member

    Great references, all! I have already applied to U of Phoenix, but found a different one (off and applied again! :)

    I also sent a query to Rio Salada and request to be listed in the seeking position area of Get Educated.

    Thanks!! Keep 'em coming! :)

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