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  1. i am just wondering what are the bests cleps, dantes and exclesior exams to take that are easy and if there are any good resources on ones that are slightly harder.
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    Start with this thread...

    Good luck in your educational endeavours.
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    Which tests are easiest is going to be relative to your own experience. For me the Management, Marketing, Sociology, and Social Science & History CLEP’s were the easiest ones. I’ve seen others who believe that Analyzing and Interpreting Literature was very easy, but that’s not an area I would find easy.

    As far as resources the following additional forums are good:

    The below link shows military passing scores

    The official practice tests from Excelsior, CLEP, and DANTES are of course all good as well.

    Many find instacert as a good resource

    And many use books from Comex and Rue as well as Sparknotes, but their use varies by test.

    And of course check out this website

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