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    The University of California, Berkeley College of Engineering is introducing a Master of Advanced Study in Engineering (MAS-E) asynchronously online in partnership with the Coursera platform.

    3.0 GPA is required for admission. Most students will have a prior STEM degree, but they are also open to alternative demonstration of quantitative background and prerequisites. There are math and programming prerequisites that can be met through coursework or self-study and can be met after admission.

    Tuition is 1750 per unit x 24 units = 42 000.
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    Leading name recognized university Masters degree.
    100% on line.
    Advanced Study in Engineering
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    Was not the UC system not allowing online degrees?

    This looks hypocritical from them
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    Their ban of fully online degrees applies at the undergraduate level only (and exempts prisoners).

    University of California System Bans Fully Online Degrees: The 10-campus system closes a loophole that could have let undergraduates piece together a degree. Experts and some inside the system say that in justifying its decision, UC perpetuated outdated claims about online learning. (Susan D’Agostino, Inside Higher Ed, February 26, 2023)
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