benufits of my sru degree

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    hay and tanks to all of yall for your words of encouagement bc they really meen a lot to me during this impotent time in my life. i want to be sure to get the maxium benufit out of the sru degree that i worked so hard to learn. i tank i might try to be a schol teacher now bc that wood be such a cool job ware i made a hole lot of money. my fiends all tale me i would be good at it. i consider yall fiends too. i also thank i would make a diffence in the lifes of all of those i was a-round. i bet yall mite not never guess what my degree from sant regious univesity was in. it mite be ovious what my degree magor was in. but it mite not. yall dont not never pm me. why? yall aint never going to believe that some of the shcols i applyed to art not going to accpet me. they say something about requments and stuff. that hurts me. i taught about enroling at some other schol does any-1 have any sugestion bc im looking for some place other to get my nba degree or really just any kind of mater's degree bc i thank that along with the other saint religious university degree that it will go along good and wont not look bad on a wall either. what do some of the other degrees lok like? looks are too impotant you know? i tanking about geeting anothe degerre but i seiously neeed some advise on what schol i mite ned to go to. i hpe yall not made at me for taking so long to right back to yall. yall makes me feel like i has a fan cub. see yall later an di be sur eto try and write back this aternoon.

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    :D I like your post dude.. keep on posting ...

    Have fun..
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    Let me guess... English major?
  5. Anthony Pina

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    I just wanted to add a second witness to my esteemed colleague Thacker and to inform all of you at Degreeinfo that the claims that SRU degrees are academically inferior are absolutely not true!

    I received a doctorate from SRU, which has allowed me to be appointed to, not one, but three distinguished professorships at the University of San Moritz, Glencullen University and the University of Wexford.

    So there!!

    Condescendingly yours,

    Dr. I.M. Lyon, Ph.D.
  6. MichaelR

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    LOL you people are making my day!
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    Benufits? Oui. Yes, SRU has that in abundance. Benefits? Jamais. No, I don't see any.
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    Taint dat major cornbread engineering or astrophysics?
    youin's aint right!
  10. Jacques

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    May I please inquire as to why it seems that some find it acceptable behaviour to attack Southerners and the South in general?

    Some would consider the above post to be offensive and racist.

    I personally find that the "humour" displayed above shows, at the least, ignorance, and at the most, hate.

    How does a post that causes hurt help anyone here at degreeinfo?

    Thank y'all.
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    I don't think he was making fun of Southerners (Which i happen to be one) I think more than anything they are making fun of SRU graduates. Besides, I bet you think its funny when people make fun of Canadians...... :)
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    Actually, I don't mind if someone makes fun of Canadians. The clowns who run this country couldn't pass the "pigeon" test to earn a B.A. from SRU. JurassicVagabond's statement makes far more sense than the recent budget announcement in Ontario!
  13. Dennis Ruhl

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    And I thought you guys voted Liberal because you like tax increases.
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    test post

    degreeinfo has been down, so this is just a test post to see if it'll take a new post.


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