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    Hi, I realized today that I don't think I ever posted here introducing myself, so here you go ...

    I attended the University of Guelph in Guelph, Ontario, on campus, and earned my BA in Information Systems & Human Behavior (BAISHB!). What does that mean? Well, according to ECE, this interdisciplinary degree is the US equivalent of a "Bachelor of Science with majors in Psychology and Information Systems."

    While in my last year at Guelph I became interested in religion for the first time, and eventually became a Christian. This eventually led me to attend Tyndale University College & Seminary (ATS) in Toronto to earn my Master of Theological Studies degree, also on campus. (My free ebook grew out of one of my final papers there.)

    I hope to continue to earn a PhD someday to be able to teach in a university/college/seminary setting. Currently I'm still trying to weigh my options, either going the distance route now (the two schools I'm looking most closely at are Trinity College Bristol and University of Wales Lampeter) or waiting and moving to do my next masters and/or PhD at a B&M school. I applied to APU for their Master of History program but decided after applying that I don't want to go that route, even though APU seems like a fine school. (Not to mention that I don't have time right now to take classes!)

    Since I've started visiting this forum I've learned a lot about accreditation and all the online education options available, and have been able to help a few friends evaluate their study options. I'm thankful for the helpful posts and advice I've read here so far, and hope I can make a positive contribution to help others in return.

    So that's all, bye :D

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