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    I said I wouldn't say anymore about the Bush-Kerry race until after the election, and I won't. This isn't about Bush-Kerry.

    Kerry is beginning to become "McGovernesque." Right before his nomination and briefly during the campaign, McGovern aliented a large segment of the so-called "Left" with statements about America's military and our national defense that ran contrary to the"Left's" views.

    Now Kerry is engaging in something quite similar.

    This will not set well with the Dean, Nader, Sharpton crowds who want immediate withdrawal.

    The Socialist Party USA candidate, Walter Brown, will be on the ballot in more states than any other SPUSA candidate in a long, long time.

    Kerry's recent statements will swing votes over to the "Left" candidates, I believe.

    Of course, Kerry could change his mind tomorrow. "Flip flop, flip flop, flip flop, flip flop" and on and on and on.
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    There's nothing new here, Jimmy; candidates almost always play to the base during primaries and play to the center during the general election. Bush did in 2000 (he didn't have to this time; he was nominated unopposed), and Kerry's doing it now. Kerry's doing it because he stands to gain more in the center than he'd lose on the left. He's banking that those on the far left are going to be so anti-Bush that they'd replace him with almost anybody, and he's probably right. Any votes that go to Nader or Brown will be protest votes; nobody really thinks they're going to win. And anyone who votes for those candidates knows they're helping Bush secure a second term by doing so.

    The only Democratic candidate who supports immediate withdrawal is Dennis Kucinich. Howard Dean agrees that withdrawal would cause Iraq to collapse and become a terrorist state, or fall right back into Baathist hands. Where he differs from Kerry is on the issue of whether war with Iraq was justified in the first place.

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