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Discussion in 'Nursing and medical-related degrees' started by euphoric, Apr 6, 2008.

  1. euphoric

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    can anyone tell me where i should start if i want to become a psychology professor?? is a masters enough or do you need a phd??

  2. BlackBird

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    If you want to teach at an institution that does research then you'll need a Ph.D.

    If you just want to teach then you can get by in many cases with just a Masters degree. Community colleges use a lot of Masters level profs. Larger institutions also but in less numbers and usually they might be already working on a doctorate at that school.
  3. euphoric

    euphoric New Member


    what should the masters degree be focused on??
    i am just starting my associates in psychology finally!
  4. raristud2

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    Take a look at this personal web page.

    "1. Teaching-oriented colleges and universities greatly outnumber research-oriented universities."

    "2. Without at least one first-author paper published in your field's top journal, it is exceedingly unlikely that you will obtain a tenure-track job at a research-oriented university. There are usually so many applications for the openings at research-oriented universities that it is almost certain that there will be many applications from people who have published first-author papers in your field's number one, most prestigious journal."

    "3. Postdoctoral experience (in the form of a postdoctoral fellowship, a visiting professorship, some time in a tenure-track job, or some time doing research in the private sector) is gradually becoming almost a prerequisite for landing a tenure-track job in psychology."

    "4. Without at least one first-author paper in one of the top three journals in your field, it will be a bit of a challenge for you to get a job at a teaching-oriented college or university. The number of people who have published a first-author paper in one of your field's top journals is very large, and even schools that put more emphasis on teaching than research have a lot of highly-qualified applicants to choose from"

    "5. Some faculty advisors conduct research in such a way that makes it very difficult for their graduate students to publish first-author papers in top-tier journals. Don't forget that publishing in top-tier journals usually requires impressive data that take a very long time to collect."

    "6. Some faculty advisors tell their students not to waste their precious time in graduate school teaching classes, but for some students, this is very, very bad advice. Although San Marcos evaluated their applicants on a number of dimensions, strong teaching records counted a whole lot more than graduating from elite graduate programs, because at San Marcos, great teaching is the priority."
  5. euphoric

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    I just want to do this right. I am interested in teaching in a community college .. and in most cases I hear a Masters is enough.

    I plan to start with Ashworth College and then trasfer my credits to U of Phoenix.. Phoenix told me they will take my credits, but how can I tell if they are Regionally accredited school? After U of Phoenix , I am not really sure which masters program to choose and from what school, but I have a long way to go .. so right now I am just foucing on the associates..

    Does anyone know anything about Ashworth or Phoenix?? We have a location here in Boston, so it must a real school right? I will not have problems when I receive a bachelors degree from them??

    Again thanks for the information everyone!
  6. sentinel

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    Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) tells you all you ned to know about whether an institution is accredited.
  7. japhy4529

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    The University of Phoenix is regionally accredited. Ashworth is Nationally accredited. I have heard of U of P accepting credits from Ashworth, but I would get this in writing first. U of P is certainly no Harvard, but they will work for getting a BS in Psychology. With that said, there are certainly less expensive options out there for obtaining a BA or BS in Psychology. For example, Peru State College offers an online BS in Psychology for about 1/4 the price of U of P. I believe that Peru will accept credits from Ashworth as well. You can contact them to confirm.

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