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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by John Bear, Nov 14, 2001.

  1. John Bear

    John Bear Senior Member

    Thank goodness for the 'off topic' forum. A title is required for a forthcoming cookbook, and the publisher (Snow Lion) offers a $500 prize for the first person who submits a title actually used. I'm posting this here, because there are a lot of creative folks out there, and one never knows.

    The book is a compendium of unusual recipes, that fit into one or more of the following four categories:

    Unusual ingredients or uses of ingredients (such as eggplant bread, cheddar cheese fudge, or a nasturtium sandwich. Remember when we all thought carrot cake was unusual!).

    Unusual combinations (such as the salmon-chocolate casserole we invented, and brownies made with tomato soup).

    Unusual preparation (such as the cake you cook from the inside out by drizzling it onto a rotisserie spit, and the chicken you cook by wrapping in foil and wiring it to the exhaust manifold of your car, and driving 100 miles.

    Unusual stories (such as the m’jeddrah which is believed to be the actual “mess of pottage” for which Esau sold his birthright).

    Title and, more than likely, a subtitle (what comes after the colon) is needed by mid January. (For instance: "The Unusual Cookbook: 183 eccentric but tasty recipes")

    You could post here, if you wish, or Email me directly at [email protected] Prize paid on publication and decision of the publisher is final. Thank you.
  2. PSalmon

    PSalmon New Member

    Fear and Loathing in the Alimentary Canal: A Masochist's Guide to Gastrointestinal Distress [​IMG]
  3. PSalmon

    PSalmon New Member

    What Color Is Your Gastric Chute? A Stomach-Churning Guide for the Brave and Foolhardy
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Here is the award winning title, John.

    "More-Than-Wonderful Meals: Culinary Credentials for the Less-Than-Wonderful Chef"

  5. Nicole-HUX

    Nicole-HUX New Member

    Hmmmmm, for an entree, I'll offer "Culinary Uncustomary" but I reserve the right to move on to suggestions for the salad, fish, main, and dessert courses at a later time.
  6. PSalmon

    PSalmon New Member

    After the Apocalypse: Cooking for the Damned or
    Feed the Damned: Cooking for a Post-Apocalyptic Age

    Oski's Revenge: The Bear's Guide to Cruel and Unusual Punishment Through Cooking

    Up Yours! Gastrointestinal Intrusions for the In-Laws and Other Unwelcome Guests

    Mrs. Beelzebub's Book of Household Management
  7. PSalmon

    PSalmon New Member

    Iron Chef: Gutbusting Recipes for an Iron Constitution
  8. thogan

    thogan New Member

    Hhumm, "Food for Thought - A readers guide to Gastrological Delights"


  9. Gerstl

    Gerstl New Member

    I thought this one was obvious:

    Bear's guide to the best distance recipes: How to cook in the kitchen while sitting in the living room watching TV

  10. me again

    me again Well-Known Member

  11. Peter French

    Peter French member

  12. Gus Sainz

    Gus Sainz New Member

    Peter, this is the first post of yours I can actually comprehend; you have never been more eloquent. [​IMG]

    Gus Sainz
  13. Peter French

    Peter French member

    Easily developed at degree mill campus in gaining the necessary experiences in collegiality.

    The mpre experience you get, the better you get at it.

    Just really pissed off that after such excellent experiences from Sussex Institute of Technology, American Coastline University, and Summit University of Louisiana, I missed out on the Danzig College of Crapology. That would have left the best enema in the shade!

  14. Bill Highsmith

    Bill Highsmith New Member

    Bearly Cooking: 100 Recipes to Write Home About

    Palate Persuasion: 100 Recipes to Challange Your Cooking Comfort Zone

    Quirky Cuisine: <one of above subtitles>

    Cuisine Art: < > (Perhaps too close to TM)
  15. Bill Highsmith

    Bill Highsmith New Member

    I know...Challenge.
  16. Neil Hynd

    Neil Hynd New Member

    How about "101 Things to do with a Dead Chicken" ?

    Or a Flogged Dead Horse ?

  17. PSalmon

    PSalmon New Member

    Gag Reflex: 163 Shocking Recipes to Raise Your Bile
    (With all my insulting suggestions, I wonder whether I have yet reached the permanently persona non grata list at the Bear household?)
  18. Bill Huffman

    Bill Huffman Well-Known Member

    Bear's Guide to Cooking for Fun
  19. Tracy Gies

    Tracy Gies New Member

    Here's the winning entry:

    "Bear's Guide to Cooking Food Nontraditionally"

  20. Tracy Gies

    Tracy Gies New Member

    My wife wondered if that parenthetical statement was meant as a pun, as the word colon has a double meaning: one gramatical, the other anatomical. It got me thinking about what comes before the colon in relation to a cookbook, which led to this title:

    What Comes Before the Colon: A Guide to Pleasing Your Digestive Tract With Nontraditional Cooking

    And frankly, John, I'd rather not think about what comes after the colon [​IMG]


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