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Discussion in 'Political Discussions' started by Guest, Oct 5, 2004.

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    The Democrats are already planning their post election blather should Bush win reelection.

    They are planning to say Bush stole the election and are already getting lawyers ready to go to challenge the results should Bush win.

    I haven't seen such dirty tricks since Watergate!

    I am reminded of the U.S. Senate race in Maryland when a campaign flyer for Millard Tydings accused his opponent of a deviant habit. The flyer said the opponent "masticates." :D
  2. Jimmy,
    What are your sources for such claims? Do you have a pipeline to these "secret plans"? Or, is it just your opinion that the Democrats MUST be doing this given their "evil nature"?

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    First, I don't think the Democrats have an evil nature. You must not have noticed my remarks regarding the dirty tricks of Watergate (Nixon and his cronies were Republicans in case you forgot.).

    I have voted for many Democrats in my life including such notables as Gary Hart, Jimmy Carter, and Walter Mondale. I respect many Democrats in the U. S. Senate including Joe Lieberman, Evan Bayh, and Zell Miller. I supported Bob Kerrey over Clinton for the '92 Democratic nomination and I hope Stephanie Herseth wins reelection over her GOP rival in South Dakota's congressional race.

    Inside info? Yes, Carl, I do. I am on nearly every political party and presidential candidate email list for news, updates, strategies, etc.

    Furthermore, if you listen to the news you will hear Democrats say they are worried about dirty tricks in the voting and are getting their lawyers ready to go.

    Kerry has spoken at a number of African American churches telling them they are going to be disenfranchised this November.

    Now, be candid Carl, have you ever voted for a Republican?
  4. Yes, but I got over it.....
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    Jimmy is getting ready to become the chief of CIA if Bush gets re-elected.
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    I read about this in other places last week (I don't remember where) but I found this one on fox (I know that will probably bias some of you but...):,2933,134591,00.html

    "John Kerry's (search) campaign is gearing up for another recount, just in case.

    Kerry campaign manager Mary Beth Cahill sent out a fund-raising e-mail Monday night asking for donations to make sure the Democratic presidential candidate is not at a legal or financial disadvantage if the race must go to a recount, as it did during the 2000 election between Al Gore and George W. Bush (search).

    "Right now I need all of you to join me and make a pledge: The mistakes of the 2000 election will NEVER be repeated again," Cahill wrote in the e-mail. "The day after the election, as the recount began, Al Gore's campaign was already outgunned, outmanned and outmatched — we learned one lesson: be prepared."

    For months, the Kerry camp has boasted about the 500-plus lawyers it has waiting in various states across the country to work should voting irregularities occur. Kerry aides say they have studied every ballot and election law in every state.

    Kerry aides say the Cahill fund-raising memo followed official notification by the Federal Election Commission that both candidates may raise money for a little-known campaign account called the General Election Legal and Accounting Compliance Fund. GLAC funds are generally used to pay "closeout costs" after the campaign is over, such as outstanding bills, potential fines from the FEC and legal bills.

    After the 2000 election dispute, then-candidate Bush sought donations for a recount fund and voluntarily limited the amounts to $5,000 per individual; he raised $14 million.

    The new bipartisan campaign finance reform law otherwise limits individual donations to $2,000 apiece. According to the Kerry campaign, the FEC has not yet put a limit on the size of GLAC donations."

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