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    Has anybody had a school VA official incorrectly certify you at a higher/lower rate and you found out after the semester was over (i.e. you got a higher/lower monthly BAH payment than you should have received)? If so, who does the VA hold accountable?
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    Please elaborate a bit more on the situation.

    How many credits were you taking? How long was the term?
    It would be beneficial to know what your institution considers "full time" as well.


    I realized that I did not come close to answering your question. My apologies.

    From my experience (overpayments), you are responsible for returning the money to the VA.
    With underpayments I have no experience. I would assume that the VA would not retro-pay you, but would also not go back to reduce your months of remaining benefits.
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    If should contact VA regarding your incorrect housing allowance. I graduated from Georgetown University about 2 years ago. But now, I received a bill from the VA stated they over paid tuition to Georgetown University. And expect me to for it, even though I did not see the money. They said that when I attended the institution, I am responsible for the payment to the school and VA. So, in your case...the VA is where you file complaint.

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