Bachelor's Degree Examination for Self-Education (BDES) in South Korea

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    According to this people in South Korea can get a Bachelors degree without
    attending a regular college or university by passing the examination administered by the government.

    Bachelor's Degree Examination for Self-Education (BDES) was established for people who cannot afford an educational
    opportunity for higher education for various reasons such as financial constraint or time limitation.

    The Constitution of the Republic of Korea states the government should promote lifelong education. To actualize this, "The Law of Bachelor’s Degree Examination for Self-Education" was established on the 7th of April in 1990.

    Applicants can get the bachelor’s degree after passing four Qualifying Examinations of Liberal-Arts, Major-Basic,
    Major-Advanced, and Comprehensive.'s_Degree_Examination_for_Self-Education_System
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    This reminds me of the old, old days when you could earn 30 credits for each GRE Subject Exam you passed.
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    This was somewhat possible at Excelsior, Charter Oak, and Empire State. Sadly, that went away.
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    That's a very interesting find! I couldn't actually find a university who offers this kind of Bachelor when I search on Google for "Bachelor's Degree Examination for Self-Education (BDES" but I only had a quick look. If anyone finds a university WHO offers this please post it:)
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    First of all, I don't think these exams are also offered in English. I'm pretty sure there is only a Korean version. This probably means that you also have to speak Korean to find more information about "BDES" on the Internet.
    The exams are offered by the "National Institute for Lifelong Education", not by a school. And as I understand it, this bachelor's degree is not awarded by a university, but directly by the Korean Minister of Education.
    (Here is the scource of that quote obove)
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  7. Well,
    It isn't self taught, but Illinois (possibly other states too?) has a new program that began in January.

    It guarantees -yes guarantees- low income folks 2 years of free college tuition at any public school in Illinois. So that is in effect a free associate degree. Presuming the student gets passing marks, the program can be extended two more years at any four year school (so tuition free BA/BS/BFA).

    Same program guaranteed fixed rates and caps costs for other expenses for the duration of attendance, and that part extends to PRIVATE schools, to include private tuition.

    Of course us taxpayers have to foot the bill. Personally I am vehemently against it, as someone who paid back the undergrad loan and paid cash for the Masters.

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