Bachelor of Education mostly/all by Distance?

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    Hey folks.

    I have been teaching overseas and running a school for more than four years. I would like to broaden my horizons (into the international school arena) by getting my Bachelor of Education.
    As my home is in Thailand, distance learning would be best. I would be able to go home for the pratical part of the course if necessary. Just looking for someone to point me in the right direction.
    Also, I would like to be able to use my B.Ed in Canada as a back up plan. Tall order I know! Can anyone give me some valuable and much appreciated advice?

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    Welcome to DegreeInfo! Is it important to you which country your degree comes from? I don't think anyone here knows much about online degrees from Thailand, although there is this one from nearby Malaysia By coincidence, I was looking at this Indian school when I saw your thread IGNOU - School of Education (SOE) - Programmes - Distance.

    Those are the only B.Ed's that I am aware of. Most (if not all...???) American schools that offer education degrees online tend to only offer Masters in Education. Also, the Malaysian and Indian degrees will be significantly less expensive. Although, since this is certainly not my area of expertise (as if I have any... lol...), I'm sure someone else will have more information for you :smile:
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