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    I am just finishing up my AA degree at a local community college and I'm looking for an on-line degree. I currently work in the healthcare field as a Systems Supervisor for perioperative services and would like to pursue a BA degree in healthcare administration/management. I manage the computer system so I deal with healthcare technology along with billing and other issues. I am shopping for on-line degrees. UOP, AUI, deVry,Bellevue are to name a few I have looked into. I currently take one class a quarter and that is about all the school work load I can handle as I still want to have a "family life" and my work it currently demanding. I am unsure of accelated programs at this point because I want the flexibilty to take a few weeks off if I want. I have taken many of my AA classes on-line and I like the flexibility it gives me. I'm not in a hurry to complete my degree but I need to be in the process of pursuing a BA per my job description. I like learning so I want to not endure the process but enjoy it. I will be implementing a new system so I want the flexibility to scale down my school during that time if needed. Any and all input would be appreciated on the schools/teachers/formats/work load per week.
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    You might look into the DETC accredited CCHS

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    My Web site lists five or six undergraduate degree programs in Healthcare Administration offered by regionally accredited institutions. Moreover, all of them can be completed entirely via distance learning. Just click on the link below my name.
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    The schools on Gus' site are RA compared to NA (CCHS) and the tuition is cheaper so these are good choices.

  5. CCHS raised tuition

    They aren't sure how much, but an admissions officer estimated tuition will be about $400/credit hour at CCHS. They are very slow, so it could take a decade or more to finish your degree. CSULB now has a Masters of Health Administration through its extension but tuition is more than $380/unit. CCHS is DETC but NOT RA.
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    I had problems with CCHS so I could not recommend them. Other programs that you might consider are Baker College, St. Joseph's College (Maine) which offer a BS in Health Care Adm. Baker is on the quarter system with 2 separate sessions offered in each quarter (6 weeks). It is very intense but by taking only one class each session you can take 8 classes in a year.

    American Public University System offers a BS in business with a certificate in Healthcare Adm. (as well as a BS in Public Health). They are DETC accredited and just received regional candidacy. They offer both 8 & 15 week semesters. Weidner has a degree completion program for healthcare professionals, a BS in Allied Health with a minor in supervision (as well as a certificate in supervision). These are just a few of the many choices. Good luck.

    St. Joseph's College
    Baker College (Baker Online)
    American Public University System
    Widener Univerisyt - University College

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