BA in Computer Science - Graduate ASAP through TESC vs 4 years + Paid Internships?

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TESC or Harvard Extension School?

  1. Less Than 1 Year - The Fast Track Approach with TESC then Find A Job

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  2. 4 Years - Harvard Extension School + Paid Internships

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    About Me:

    I am fairly new to computer programming and currently have no "real world" experience. I've always fared well academically - Math, Science, and English has always been my strengths. I'm currently looking into Distance Education due the convenience of time and possibility of interning while attending college.

    My question:

    Which one?

    The Fast Track Approach:

    Thomas Edison State College (TESC) and testing out of most of my classes + transfer credits I already have then looking for a job. With this approach, I may be able to finish in less than a year.


    4 years + Paid Internships:

    Attend the Harvard Extension School while gaining experience through Paid Internships.

    Your thoughts?

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