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    Firstly, I hope it isn't a problem to post on both forums. If so, please let me know for next time. I just wasn't sure which forum is more active, so I posted to both to see which got more activity.

    Hello everyone,

    I've recently stumbled on this forum and I've read A LOT of information over the last weeks. I'm working on a degree plan for a BA in Psychology and I was hoping you guys could take a look at what I've got so far on the gen ed requirements and let me know if I've done anything wrong or if something else makes better sense or would be easier. I know ALEKS isn't ACE accredited right now but from what I've read, they'll be getting reinstated by the end of December. This is just the General Education section, I'll post the rest when this part is finished.

    A. Intellectual and Practical Skills (15)
    English Comp I
    English Comp II CLEP College Composition(6)
    College-Level Math ALEKS Intermediate Algebra(3)
    Electives in Intellectual and Practical Skills(6) ALEKS College Algebra(3) & DSST Tech.Writing(3)

    B. Human Cultures and the Physical and Natural World (18)
    Humanites (3) CLEP Humanities(6)
    Social Sciences (3) CLEP Social Science(6)
    Natural Sciences(3) CLEP Natural Science(6)
    Hum/Soc Sci/ Nat Sci/Interdisciplinary (9) (3 (6) Credit classes cover this)

    C. Personal and Social Responsibility (9)
    Diversity/Global Literacy CLEP Intro to Sociology
    Responsible Ethical Leadership DSST Business Ethics
    Other Ethics or Diversity Course DSST General Anthropology

    D. General Education Electives (18)
    DSST Public Speaking(3)
    DSST Intro to Computing(3)
    CLEP American Government(3)
    Analysing and Interpreting Literature (6)
    DSST Human and Cultural Geography (3)

    Thank you to anyone who can help out at all with this!
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    Welcome to DegreeInfo!

    Please don't double post. The General forum is the most active, but I'd guess that most people on here do as I, by always clicking "What's New" making the distinctions between sections of this site moot.

    I'm not familiar with TESC's new requirements- I don't even recognize those headings even though I JUST fi.finished my degree in a similar area. The one thing that stood out about your credits is the application of Sociology to meet the diversity requirement. Does the catalog recommend a basic Sociology course as a possible way to fill it? If not I wonder if they are looking for a Cultural Diversity course (there is an ECE) or a gender or racial studies course.

    If that isn't the case and it does recommend SOC101, then sorry for wasting your time :\ Allow me to make it up to you by recommending It is bar none the best online resource for studying for CLEP, DSST and ECEs. It's free :)
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    You got great advice on the other forum where many people have been following the changes closely. Just remember that ALEKS courses have yet to be re-approved by ACE. If they are re-approved by the end of the year, the approval will be retroactive. Currently, any courses taken after 10/31/2013 won't be accepted by TESC until ACE changes their status. In other words, anyone taking these courses right now for credit are taking a risk.

    Intro to Sociology does meet the diversity requirement.
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