AWS - Which is the best certification course?

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    Hi, I am planning to enhance my skills in Amazon Web services(AWS) with certification and I have 3-year experience in the programming industry. I have searched on Google and it shows so many resources to learn it online. However, I am confused about which resource is best? I am between two certifications, which one is more suitable to me between AWS Developer Associate and AWS solution Architect. I have checked this from many providers like Intellipaat and so on. Could anyone know about AWS? Please guide me to the right one.
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    I'm pretty sure that this is a spam post! But for those who are genuinely interested, Pluralsight seems like it could be a good option for study. And Pluralsight is free until the end of April.
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    It was a link spammer, but I removed the link and the question didn't seem totally uninteresting, so I otherwise kept it.
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