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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by Hille, Jul 18, 2009.

  1. Hille

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    Hi, I am trying firm up the 4500 deals offered currently by some auto dealers. Is this their own deal or the governments. We will shortly be trading in 2 paid for cars. Many thanks. Hille
  2. Ian Anderson

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    I've never heard of the "4500 deals" - can you expand/

    I just bought a new car (Honda, 60% USA parts + assembled in USA). We got the best deal thru Costco. I believe there is a federal tax deal for this year that allows me to deduct sales tax in addition to income tax. We got a beter price than expected for our trade-in (but not as much as its blue book value).

    Good luck with your buy.
  3. perrymk

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    The auto dealers are advertising this on local radio. As I understand it, it is a government program with a limited amount of funds. First come, first served. Essentially you trade in your car for a new car. Based on the difference in MPG of the new car to the old car, one receives $3500 or $4500 dollars which is applied to the price of the car. Essentially the goverment buys your old car. It's not a bad deal if you're in the market for a new car anyway, especially if your old one is worth less than $3500. How they (gov't) will prevent people from buying $1000 clunkers to trade in for $4500 rebates I don't know.

    If you're like me and are driving a 10 year old car getting 43mpg, you aren't likely to find any new car that qualifies for the incentive. Good tihng I'm not in the market for a new car or I'd be upset.
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  6. Ian Anderson

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    In my area of So. California they just had a similar program where a local government agency bought any gun for $100. I knew someone who bought a couple of broken hand guns for $10 and received $200 in cash.
  7. Ian Anderson

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    Did you buy a car?

    I heard the program started this last wekend and has ran out of money today.

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