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    I have an Australian MBA and when I entered the program I had a degree as an entry requirement. Now it seems all one needs is a diploma instead of a Bachelors degree. Most applicants who do not have a degree are elevated to do the program. It is quite clear that there is a watering down of entry requirements and it is sad that this depreciated my MBA which I thought had a certain standard and only applicants with a required accumen are allowed to pursue it. Well I am proven wrong.

    Due to the competition for students most applicants are given a short cut to pursue the MBA program. I met an applicant from China who had a diploma from a non recognised college in Dalian but after two months of English coaching was asked to pursue an Australian MBA. Another was an executive in a company who thought that she was only eligible to pursue a first Australian degree but was surprised that she was upgraded to pursue an MBA. Pretty soon, maybe there would be an upgrade to post doctoral program too from diploma level.
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    I suppose you will be even more disappointed to learn that people can be admitted to MBAs without any previous tertiary education.

    a)They expect significant relevant experience before entry (or at least that is what the rules usually say. I do not know exactly what is done in practice).
    b)One is admitted to a graduate certificate first, then transfer everything to a graduate diploma upon completion of the certificate and then transfer everything to the masters upon completion to the masters. Exact same coursework (usually), with only a little more administration.

    There have also been cases of people being admitted to research masters without prior tertiary education, but this is VERY rare (and the candidate is usually exceptional).
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    Yes, I am indeed shocked. Shocked by the lack of support for my CSU DBA and shocked by the dilution of entry requirements of my good Australian MBA.
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    form which Australian school is your MBA, Charles Sturt?
    I, myself, currently studying the MBA at the USQ.

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    My school was located in Melbourne.
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    It is true that Australian Universities allow some students to undertake Master Degrees without an undergraduate degree. They are not alone. UK universities also admit students to masters degrees without having an undergraduate degree.

    I have attached a link to the University of Leicester Site as an example:

    If you download the requirements for a masters degree in Risk, Crisis and Disaster management you will see that an undergrad is not necessarily required.

    The University of London allows an applicant ,with a suitable background, to undertake the masters in Jurisprudence without having an undergrad degree. Heriott Watt is another example:

    These universities are amongst the best in the world and they acknowledge that the undergrad is not the only criteria that makes an applicant suitable for postgrad studies. It acknowledges that experience in the world, outside the academic setting, can also develop the individual to a suitable level for entry.

    Suitability for acceptance to the degree and the quality of the education provided are separate issues. It could be expected, however, that the failure rate for those without the undergrad is likely to be much, much higher.

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