"Augmenting" MBAs with certifications

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  1. Petedude

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    From another thread:
    This brings up an interesting notion, and a few questions:
    1. Could one improve one's resume by having a NA MBA and certificate(s) from RA programs? Has anyone heard of this being done? Experiences?
    2. Are there reasonably priced RA post-MBA certificate programs out there?
  2. dlady

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    I did this. I have an NA MBA, and I paid out the nose to go through the Tulane online Master of Business Management certificate program. Worked great for me.


    Although admittedly when I did it a number of years ago, one of the courses was entitled “Advanced MBA Certificate” now it is called Business Essentials II. I’ve always thought having and advanced MBA certificate from Tulane is kind of cool.
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  3. RobbCD

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    When I went through this program it was called the "Master Certficate in Business Management". I have had very little sucess utilizing it at all, likely because I'm not certain how to "spin" it. I got it to augment the business studies I did for my BGS degree. Dave, if you don't mind me asking, how have you used the credential to make it work "great". (BTW, the program has been ACE evaluated for credit now).
  4. dlady

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    I’ve leaned on the international business and economic elements, which fit in nicely with the growth the company I work for is going through..

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