Attention Degreeinfo Theologians!

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    Why spend all that time earning doctorates when you can be the one dishing them out?

    Scroll down on American World University page and you find this irresistable opportunity brought to you by Maxine Asher:

    Available:_ Distance learning University, Religious studies only._ Bachelors, Masters, Doctorate._ Licensed and accredited._ Reasonable price._ Payments accepted._ Call International Educators at 319-xxx-xxxx or fax to 319-xxx-xxxx.

    The "religious studies only" part suggests that the 'license' is really a religious-exemption. And I'm confident that the 'accreditation' refers to WAUC.

    Since anyone can easily create his or her own religious-exempt "university", I'm not sure why somebody would want to pay big bucks for one started by somebody else.


    The idea of lowly students' innermost spiritual lives being shaped and directed by my gargantuan ego is awfully tempting.

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