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    Dear Friends.

    I graduated from teh London Campus of Clayton University St. Louis in 1986-87.
    I have since then working as lecturer and LAN Administrator etc at different organizations.
    Now I face a big problem as London campus of Clayton Unversity St.Louis is no more existing. Even it looks if the US based original University is closed too.

    When I went to the American Cousolate in 1988, I found a 3C or 3x3 status of teh Clayton University.

    My biggest issue now is that how can I convince my employer that this Campus at London existed at Greenwich Area of South East London.

    Who ever can help me, please give me some statistics so that I can show the same to my employer and prove that this University though poor in accreditation, still existed and degrees were awarded. I got my MS computer Science from the University London Campus.

    Looking Forward for your kind comments and help

    [email protected]
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    PM Dr. John Bear.


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