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    I have attached a PDF that lists all the CLEP/DSST exams.

    They are:
    • in Excelsior category based sections
    • organized by the 2012 Military pass rates
    • Include credit information (hours/UL/LL)
    • Include if Excelsior takes it as Pass/Fail or for a grade

    If anyone has more current Excelsior data please let me know. Also if anyone has similar credit data in a spreadsheet for TESC or COSC let me know and I can add it. Also if anyone knows of current military pass rates for ECE tests let me know and I will add it.

    The Excelsior data came from their 2011 Student Guide. As far as I know this is the latest but it might be incorrect. I have not validated any of this with anyone there to please talk to them before assuming anything here is correct.

    The data I used for pass rates seemed to include all military exams for 2012 and was based on a large number of tests, however, I can't seem to find the link anymore. This information can be helpful but I think you might want to consider the source and not assume this means the exam would be easy or hard for you.

    Enjoy the data. I hope it helps you pick some exams.

    View attachment CLEP-DSST-Info-Mini.pdf

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