Athabasca and CLEP?

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  1. Whitworth

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    Has anyone else been troubled by the somewhat vague answers given by Athabasca? Their BGS programme looks appealing, however, I cannot get an answer as to which exams (CLEP, DANTES ect..) they will accept or how many credits will be awarded for the exams. Charter Oak’s site is quite clear and informative. Why are these questions so difficult to answer? Apparently, everyone needs a formal evaluation which could take 8-12 weeks. Any light shed on this would be appreciated!
  2. morganplus8

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    Since no one else has taken a shot at this I'll try something,

    Athabasca is a Canadian school and "Clep, Dantes etc" are US concepts. They probably/possibly rarely ever process something quite like this. I can't think of anything in Canada that compares. So naturally, they'll drive you crazy trying to justify the use of this process. Just a guess remember, good luck .............MP8
  3. sentinel

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    Athabasca University while being a distance education post-secondary educational institution in Canada operates much the same as traditional brick-and-mortar universities in the country. Every school requires an evaluation of the credits being transferred into the school, including the original "Big Three."

    Testing-out via standardized tests such as CLEP and DANTES is not something Canadian universities typically deal with on a regular basis. Hence, Athabasca University likely wants to review such credit-earning methods before committing to transferring those credits into the BGS degree. Even if you earn an AA from a US RA school, Athabasca University will still evaluate those credits to determine whether they meet their academic standards per the particular degree you choose to enroll.
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    I "attend" Athabasca ( and have brought up the issue that you spoke about only to get different answers at different times. From what I've seen of policies regarding an "accelerated" BGS (or other degrees, for that matter), AU is definitely slanted toward their own Credit by Examination and PLAR processes.

    This is a rather interesting and important topic, so I think that I will follow this up with the Registrar's Office on Monday; perhaps as one of "their own" and given that the accreditation thing is in place now (two of the "Big Three" also are accredited by Middle States), I can finally get a definite answer from somebody in authority.
  5. Whitworth

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    Thanks for that. I would love to attend Athabasca but I feel I need more information to make an informed decision. I look forward to you reply.

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