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    What is the general take on the Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE)?

    Background: I graduated from an ABHE undergraduate program (back then it was called AABC: Accrediting Association of Bible Colleges). With it, I was able to go to graduate school (at a SACS accredited seminary) and (well, almost) complete a doctoral program (another SACS university).

    I was contacted by an ABHE school about helping them to develop a new program that would be both on-campus and on-line. Its a really cool opportunity. I can stay where I am and the school will pay for travel to/from campus (700 miles away) for three days once each month (8 times a year). The rest of the work would be done online and via Skype.

    Pay is substandard (but I would imagine that that is standard procedure at a smaller religious school) but flexibility is great. If I take the position, I would still facilitate online courses.

    The question I have isn't about wanting to do it (I do!) but what it looks like (long-term) on my vita.

    - It looks great (I would imagine) to have program development (and implementation) on a vita.

    - But if ABHE is looked down upon, then perhaps it does more harm than good?

    What say ye?
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    Caveat: I've never attended an ABHE accredited school, but have attended an ATS accredited school and will be attending a second ATS school in Sept.

    The general impression I get (online & off) is that ABHE is regarded (in terms of prestige) higher than TRACS, but certainly lower than ATS. Many churches won't care, but when I talked to one of my professors about possibly attending a TRACS accredited school his reaction was basically "It's not ATS accredited so don't bother." Unfortunately that bias seems to still be prevalent among some faculty at seminaries. (Similarly to how non-AACSB accredited business schools are sometimes looked down upon.)

    However, given that you have a grad degree from a non-ABHE accredited seminary, I think this sounds like a good opportunity to get some valuable experience. I can't see it hurting your vita. If it was an unaccredited school, yes it may hurt, but I don't think it'd do more harm than good.

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