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  1. Pilot

    Pilot Member

    I am almost done with my BS at excelsior and was wondering if I could get an associate and BS together assuming that I pay all the fees.
    If yes than my question is:
    I have some credits that are upper level that will have to be applied towards the associates and I will need the same upper level credits to complete the BS.
    Will they be counted as upper level credits even though they will be now part of the associate degree.
  2. I guess my question would be "why would you want to?" Are you planning the AS and BS in different areas?

    I'd ask your advisor - they can give you a definitive answer.

  3. Pilot

    Pilot Member

    Well here is my dilemna I can either get a BS (Liberal Studies) with 2 areas of focus:
    1 In Insurance the other in Administrative & Management studies.
    Or 1 Associate of applied science in administrative & management studies (Business School)
    1 BSLS area of focus in Insurance. (Liberal Arts school)
    I feel that it will be better to get the AS because of the specialization in administrative/management
    Whereas the BSLS has no major but only areas of focus.
    (My current occupation is Manager Reinsurance Administration)
    What do you think?
    Thank you much
  4. OK, that makes more sense I suppose. I don't see why this wouldn't work.

    I'd still clear this degree plan with your advisor -- Excelsior is pretty generous with application of credit but there's no answer anyone here can give that will supercede what Excelsior says...

  5. Pilot

    Pilot Member

    Thanks for the Reply,
    I called excelsior the answer is:
    I will have to switch from the Liberal School to the Business school, and once I complete the AS degree Re-enroll in the Liberal Arts School. The 2 can't be done at once.
    It seems like upper credits should transfer to the BS.
    One question though does it make sense to do it this way or should I just stick with The BS with 2 areas of focus.
    I am trying to find out which option is more advantageous (looks better) in the business world.
  6. I can't claim to represent the whole business world, but generally once you have your BS degree there's not a lot of focus on the AS -- unless the BS is in an unrelated field and you then rely on the AS.

    In your case, as you're in the reinsurance business I'd consider Excelsior's Risk Management and Insurance degree (which is part of the School of Business and Technology). You could then later go for a MBA that will reinforce the business angle. Unless you feel like there's a risk to complete your degree I'd personally forget about the AS.

  7. philosophy

    philosophy New Member


    I really think that it'd be in your best interest to get a Bachelor's degree over an Associates. The higher the degree the better. It'd make sense if you needed to have this business degree, but more times than not an employer is going to look at your overall courses and having a Bachelor's degree would have more weight than an Associate's degree, but you need to make that decision for yourself. That's just my thoughts.
  8. CoachTurner

    CoachTurner Member

    I considered the exact same scenario.

    I concluded that most HR folks would consider the AS (administrative/ management studies) to be about an AAS in Secretarial Studies or Office Management and not a "real" business ASc.

    Since my career goals don't include work at that level (pink colar office work) -- I decided that the BS (LS) would be a better road and intend to follow that with both an MSc and an MBA. I'm thinking that an MBA will be money better spent than an AS.

    Of course, your milage may vary...

  9. Pilot

    Pilot Member

    Thanks to all of you.
    I just want to clarify one thing.
    I am definitely planning to get the BS as I have 110 credits towards the BSLS, however I was thinking that having
    an Associate of applied science in administrative & management studies & a BSLS with an area of focus in Insurance would actually look beter than a BSLS with 2 areas of Focus.
    Excelsior's Risk Management and Insurance degree will take a lot longer than the BSLS .
    The BSLS was the most flexible option as I was able to fit in 99% of my previous credits mainly aviation related etc..
    The question remains the same:
    Will an AS and a BS look better than just the BS?
  10. anthonym

    anthonym New Member

    My advice would be to forget the associate's degree altogether. Two focus areas will be fine and you will probably graduate sooner if your do not have to rework your degree plan. I seriously doubt that an associates will give you any benefit, especially one from the same school. After all, most people's first two years of college amounts to an associate' anyway, and no one will see it as anything extra. In a way considering an associates degree while so close to finishing your BS is looking backward instead of forward. Your best option, in my opinion, is to finish your BS as quickly as possible and immediately begin an MBA or other graduate degree that closely matches your interests, while you're still in the mode for school. After all, it's only 30 or 40 more semester hours. Good luck!
  11. philosophy

    philosophy New Member


    I agree. I really think that you getting an Associate's is only going to take up more time and cost you in the long run. A Bachelor's degree is going to get you much more in the long run, and you could go on to your next higher degree. That's what I think is best for you.
  12. Pilot

    Pilot Member

    Thanks to all of you!
    It'll be interesting to take a poll and see what other people on this web site think.
  13. potpourri

    potpourri New Member


    I think that you are so right about getting your associates degree. That makes a lot of sense and then you could get your bachelors degree. An employer will be more impressed with you having an associates and then a bachelors. Enroll!
  14. Guest

    Guest Guest

    As I look back I wish I had earned my Associate's in jr. college before going on to senior college. Could still get one, I guess--naw!
  15. marcuscarey

    marcuscarey New Member

    Don't bother with the AS

    If you are close to getting a BS I'd save my money. I don't see too many job listings in my industry asking for an AS.
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  16. potpourri

    potpourri New Member

    I disagree. You should most definately get the Associates and then the Bachelors. An employer will be more impressed with an Associates and then a Bachelors.
  17. anthonym

    anthonym New Member

    Every person with an Excelsior bachelor's degree had the requirements to earn an associate's degree and could have earned one if they had paid the fees. And this is the case with most 4-year schools that also offer a 2-years degree. I think many employers will realize this and not be impressed. At the same time not every person meets two focus areas at the bachelor's level.
  18. Pilot

    Pilot Member

    I am wondering if there are any studies that have been done or articles written on the value of having an AS & BS v.s. Just a B.S.
  19. CoachTurner

    CoachTurner Member

    There was a USDoL study that showed that an AA/AS/AAS has the greatest ROI (as a generalization) when compared to all degree levels.

    This because the increase in earning power between an HSD and an AS is quite extreme.

    I'd think that in HR circles, a BA/BSc will be assumed to be inclusive of the requirements for an AA/AS in the same area/field.

    Therein lies an exception -- "in the same field". It is likely that an AA/AS/AAS has value above or in addition to the BA/BS when the lower degree is in a field different from that of the BA/BS and that additional study has some relation to the the job in question. This is probably especially so when the AA/AS/AAS is the generally accepted entry level degree in that field.

    Consider - a holder of a BS in Management gets an AAS in cosmetology. This individual then probably doesn't work as a hairdresser but as a salon manager.

    It would seem to me though -- that for most of the readers of these boards who are working at the BA/BSc level -- that graduate study would be more valuable than additional lower level undergraduate study.

    It depends, I suppose, on whether you want to be a highly qualified administrative assistant with a BA in liberal arts and an AS in administrative studies... or an acceptably qualified general manager with a BA in liberal arts and some graduate study. Or a fully qualified general manager with a BA/BS and an MA/MS/MBA....

    or a professional educator, in which case the AA/AS/AAS may be a disadvantage except to those teaching in programs awarding that AA/AS/AAS...

    BTW, the study referred to above indicates a net loss for a liberal arts MA vs BA... OUCH!

    Some people argue that a liberal arts undergrad with an academic graduate business degree (MA/MSc) makes for a very valuable combination -- but that's another thread altogether :)
  20. potpourri

    potpourri New Member

    This person is best to get the AS and then the BS. Otherwise, it will be something that the person will regret later down the road. It is more impressive to have two degrees than just one. I hope this person will enroll and start with the AS and then the BS.

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