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  1. raguraam

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    Which MBA program is better? Aspen or Western Governors University?

    I know that WGU is RA as well as DETC which makes WGU naturally better. But then why WGU should be this cheap($3500/term).

    Am I missing any fine prints?

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    The WGU MBA is a very recent program... It started this year I think. Aspen's MBA has been around for a while now. I think you make a valid point about WGU being RA which gives it further advantage in the utility sense. However, be advised that if you do not live in the USA, you will not be able to enroll.
  3. dl_mba

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    I would go with WGU and AVOID Nationally Accredited schools.

    I am not sure how Aspen/NA schools are received in india. NA schools have limited acceptance in USA.
  4. intro2life

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    My 2 cents...

    Recently I’ve been trying to stay away from posting in threads inquiring about Western Governors because although I have high regard for the school, it is also an Alma Mata of mine. That much stated, I do feel there are a few points about both MBA programs/schools that are worthy of pointing out. However my knowledge is limited since I have no first hand experience with either MBA program.

    The Aspen – MBA program is an older and an established MBA program that seems to have earned a reputation of quality among those familiar with it. Most, if not all the posts I’ve read on the forum about the program and school have been positive, and many members of this forum hold Aspen in high regard.

    Below I’ve posted things I’ve heard or read about either that might be of consideration.

    Aspects that might be of consideration:

    Older and more established program

    Reputation among many as a quality program

    Open to those outside the US

    National Accreditation (DETC)

    Course/Credit Based Program

    Competitively Priced

    The Western Governors University MBA program, although fairly new, has been developed with the input, support and cooperation of some of the world’s major corporations, organizations and leaders in business and industry. The program is competency based, specifically designed to focus on guiding the development of, and assessing industry-critical skills-sets, competencies, knowledge, application and critical thinking. WGU programs are rigorous and focus on learning outcomes rather than inputs. The programs are continually being developed, and redeveloped to better identify competencies, ensure rigor, and better assess a student’s depth of development in these competencies. There is a system of checks, balances and oversight in every stage of each program from initial and continuing development to implementation, assessment validity, and measure. Involved are industry leaders, and content and assessment experts who comprise the program councils, academic leadership, faculty mentors and the National Advisory Board.

    Aspects that might be of consideration:

    Newer program
    Developed with the input and support of highly credible and recognized leaders, corporations and organizations

    May not be open to individuals living outside the US (contact the school to determine the accuracy of this statement)

    Accredited by four Regional Accreditors and one National

    Competency/Assessment Based Program

    Competitively Priced

    In my opinion both schools/programs are a good choice depending on which (if either) suits your needs and circumstances best. These each are two very different kinds of MBA program and you would be well advised to research and inquire about either program (and others schools & programs) before making a final decision. Also of note; neither program has professional business accreditation (which may or may not be a consideration for you and your future needs). While such program specific accreditation is not necessary, many on this forum are of the opinion that such additional accreditation will lend a degree holder more utility and possibly an edge on competition if they decide to pursue a career in teaching at a college or university level.

    As always, if any statement I made is in error, please feel free to correct me.
  5. miguelstefan

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    I really don't understand what the beef with National Acreditation is. I went to a Regionally Acredited School (University of Dayton School of Business) for my BBA and an ABA Acredited Law School for three years (I left before graduation and the degree was later finished at an unacredited law school for my personal satisfaction since I have no desire to practice law) for my JD. Now I am an MBA Candidate at a N.A. (DETC) School (Ashworth College) and I find not much diference between the quality of education of my other degrees and what I am getting at Ashworth. All my employers (I am an insurance and investment broker currently representing four (4) companies, in two (2) I am "the boss", and I am fairly successful) have agreed to recognize Ashworth College MBA and I am positive that when the time comes for me to get my DBA of PhD (Again, for personal satisfaction) I will get in the program of my choice. Aspen is a good school, with fine educational programs, and extremelly cost effective. In fact, it was one of my top choices for my MBA, and went to Ashworth basically because it could be done offline and my internet connection at home is awful. In the real world the diference between regional or naional accreditation does not mean much if you can't produce the results.

    Best of luck and choose well,
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  6. intro2life

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    I disagree with dl_mba. I would not advise anyone to “avoid” NA programs solely on the basis of being Nationally Accredited. But I would advise a person to consider that in many circumstances a degree from a Nationally Accredited school may have less utility.

    In regard to raguraam’s question about why WGU is” cheap”. It is a non-profit institution specifically founded to address certain issues. One such issue would be to provide high-quality teachers to address the national teacher shortage. The cost of degree programs with WGU have been intentionally set low for related reasons. Rather than judge the quality of the institution based on “sticker price”, please familiarize yourself with its history and mission.

    To better learn about the two universities discussed in this thread, you can follow the link's below:

    Also, it might be helpful to search the forum for other opinions.
  7. If you desire a genuine and an outstanding judgment concerning NA Universities, just inquire to Dr. Boyd, Leader of a highly regarded Distance Learning institution of higher education, or Mary A, an exceptional specialist in distance learning. I believe she is two for two, in other words, she assist two schools to archive National Accreditation. Just ask them.
  8. skywire

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    I looked at WGU once upon a time, and they told me they don't take "overseas" students. This doesn't mean graduating overseas, but living overseas.

    I live in Korea and I guess there's maybe a problem getting a proctored test or something. I wonder if they're still doing that?
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    yes they are

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