Aspen University - Taking the Plunge!

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by japhy4529, Apr 20, 2007.

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    I clicked on the link you provided but it just brought up a blank page.

    Can anyone post a little bit about how the courses online and independent are delivered? Is there a page that says Week 1 - Read chapters x-x and write an x-page paper on such and such?

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    Bonne Chance!


    Good luck with Aspen University...half the battle is over now as you have "dared to do" and made application! Good luck!

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    Was there a fee to switch majors? Also, will you be updating your blog?
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    For both interactive and independent courses there is a main page per course. Each course contains a link for each of eight individual modules. Each module will have a link for a study guide which includes an assignment (what you should read as well as work for that module) and a summary of what was learned in that module. The independent courses will include the discussion questions in this area, the interactive courses will have a discussion area. The assignment is completed in a word file and uploaded in a submit area of the module. With independent courses there are no due dates beyond the final date. With interactive courses there are due dates for each module. I hope this helps.
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    Courses 510 Managerial Accounting (you can figure out the other course URLs)
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    Thanks Sentinel. That's great.
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    Thanks Ian!
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    No fee to switch majors.

    Yes, I will be updating my blog shortly. I have been remiss in that area.

    - Tom

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