Aspen University - Taking the Plunge!

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by japhy4529, Apr 20, 2007.

  1. japhy4529

    japhy4529 House Bassist

    Yesterday, I decided to take the plunge and apply with Aspen University.

    The funny thing (and perhaps just a bit disturbing) is that I applied and was accepted to the school all in one day!

    I filled out the online application, paid the $75 fee, submitted my resume and received an acceptance letter last night via e-mail. I feel like I need to visit Staples now and press the "Easy Button."

    BTW, I do not have a Bachelor's degree, however I do have the requisite 15+ years of work experience. My classes (online independent) begin next week!

    So, I am now enrolled in the Master of Science in Information Management program.

    Anyway, thanks to everyone on this board for discussing the merits of Aspen University. This information certainly helped with my decision. Of course, the $3000 tuition rate certainly didn't hurt either!

  2. Abner

    Abner Well-Known Member

    Congratulations on your decision. I have a friend in another DL forum who transferred his Aspen Masters into the NCU PhD. I think he is almost to the ABD stage.

    Have a good day!

    Abner :)
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  3. friendorfoe

    friendorfoe Active Member

    Congrats and good luck.
  4. sentinel

    sentinel New Member

    From the Aspen University web site - section pertaining to those without an undergraduate degree:

    "All candidates must submit a completed application for admission and a $75 application fee, payable in U.S. dollars, to Aspen University. In addition, candidates for degree programs are required to provide:

    - A resume or curriculum vita.

    - A statement of goals reflecting the academic, professional and personal goals that you would like to achieve through your work with Aspen University. Your goals statement will be evaluated by the Admissions Committee as part of the application process.

    - Three letters of recommendation attesting to your capabilities and personal integrity. These letters should reflect why you would make a good candidate for this program." ( - viewed 2007 April 20)

    The only graduate degree which those without an undergraduate degree can apply according to the information on the Aspen University web site is the Executive MBA (MBA). How did you manage to get accepted into the MSIM programme?
    "Students not possessing an undergraduate degree may still apply to the Executive MBA program. This is the only graduate program that can accommodate applicants not possessing an undergraduate degree. Acceptance to this program is on an individual basis and determined at the discretion of the Registrar." (

    According to the terms of enrollment you are only conditionally accepted into the programme at this point.
  5. japhy4529

    japhy4529 House Bassist

    Hi - Aspen needs to update their website. Below is an e-mail that I received from a school Administrator back in December of last year (emphasis is mine):

    From: Barry Yaroch [mailto:[email protected]]
    Sent: Tuesday, January 17, 2006 1:48 PM
    To: XXXX, Tom
    Subject: RE: Question Regarding Graduate Admissions


    There is an Executive degree program available to individuals that do not have a Bachelors degree, but do have at least 15 years of progressive professional work experience. The programs which accept such student are the MBA, MBA/PM, MSIM and MSIT. The requirements and weekly assignments are exactly the same as is the designation on the diploma. In order to begin the process, please complete the application online, pay the application fee and forward a current Resume to me. Also, you will need to forward within 4 weeks 3 letters of recommendation and a statement of goals. Of course, you may begin the program, if accepted, before the 4 week requirement are received.

    Please let me know how I may assist you further.

    Barry Yaroch
    Director of Admissions
    Aspen University


    Here is my acceptance letter from Aspen (I do need to submit the three letters of recommendation and statement of goals, but unless I fail to do follow up with these materials, I'm in).
    Emphasis below is mine.


    April 19, 2007

    Mr. Thomas XXXX

    Address Removed

    Dear Thomas

    Congratulations! You have been accepted into the Master of Science in Information Management degree program at Aspen University. To complete the degree program, you’ll need to enroll and complete 36 credit hours, plus a proctored exam at the end of the program.

    The next step in the process is for you to register for a course. To register online, point your browser to . If you have questions about the course offerings or wish to discuss your course planning, please feel free to call or email us. Please visit the course schedule located at for a list of courses offered each term. If you would like to start a course sooner than the next scheduled start date, you may select (Online Independent) as your method of study and begin any course at any time by choosing your own start date.

    Once you have enrolled, you may order your books online from the Aspen bookstore at or contact EdMap at 800-274-9104 to purchase your books by phone. To order Lecture notes please call the University directly.

    Our office is in receipt of the following:

    __X__ application for admission,

    __X__ resume,

    _____ goals statement,

    _____ three letters of recommendation, and the

    __X__ application fee

    If you have any items missing from the list above, it is imperative that we receive them in the next four weeks in order to avoid being dropped from the program.

    Finally, you should be aware that the staff individually and collectively is available to help make this educational experience special and memorable. So, if you have any questions, require clarification, or need technical support, important names and email addresses are included below for your convenience.


    Jerry Alley

  6. sentinel

    sentinel New Member

    Yes, Aspen University should revise their web site to match the information contained in the letter you received. Good luck with your studies.

    I think all of the courses consist of 8 modules which includes a reading assignment, an multiple component assignment, and a discussion board component (submitted as part of your module assignment package for independent mode students).
  7. japhy4529

    japhy4529 House Bassist

    Thanks! I have opted the "online independent" mode and I'm not exactly sure what to expect. I do know that from the time of enrollment, I will have up to 10 weeks to complete a course.

    - Tom
  8. pugbelly

    pugbelly New Member


    Congrats! Please keep us updated. I have also been considering the Aspen route. I need 3 or 4 more courses to complete the AA I have been working toward, but have been considering Aspen as a follow up. I have more than the 15+ years executive experience to qualify for the MBA admission. I think I might be more interested in the group/online experience, but am still very curious as to your opinions on course materials, format, content, etc.

  9. sentinel

    sentinel New Member

    Here is the URL to the list of courses illustrating the format and content of a courses. When enrolled in a course you actually login to a virtual classroom and submit the assignments (interactive and independent mode) and post to the discussion board (interactive mode only).
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  10. Pugman

    Pugman New Member

    Congrats Tom!

    You'll have to keep us posted on your progress!

  11. RFValve

    RFValve Well-Known Member

    Congratulations in your decision and thanks for this information. I have a friend that has been looking for a low cost graduate degree that does not require a bachelor's degree and this seems to be a perfect match for him.
  12. japhy4529

    japhy4529 House Bassist

    Thanks for the encouraging words of support. I will keep everyone updated here regarding my progress. I have also decided to start a blog regarding my experience at Aspen Univ. If you are interested in following my saga online, please click on the following link:

    - Tom
  13. worthingco

    worthingco New Member

    Congrats & best of luck to you.
  14. jwthornhill

    jwthornhill New Member

    I've just subscribed to your blog. And, I'm really looking forward to reading on a regular basis.
  15. dl_mba

    dl_mba Member

    I would like to visit the blog frequently.
  16. gbrogan

    gbrogan Member

    So how is Aspen going? I looked at the blog but there have been no updates. I begin on 10/15 with Aspen in the MSIM program and am getting a little nervous about it.

    I'm wondering how exactly the independent classes work as I'll be taking some of those as well.
  17. sentinel

    sentinel New Member

    Visit the URL I provided earlier in this discussion thread and review a specific course in which you will be enrolling to review the necessary readings and assignments.
  18. 03310151

    03310151 Active Member


    I think my brother may be a good candidate for this degree. He has over 15 years IT experience, has his PMP certification. This would really shore up his credentials.

    How would this look on a resume, listing only one degree and a graduate degree at that? How would you answer the question if it came up in an interview about undergrad work?

    Good stuff,

  19. siersema

    siersema Active Member

    I don't believe going directly to a graduate degree is an option any longer. I read it on here in another thread a while back and the Aspen Admission Requirements page no longer mentions that option.
  20. japhy4529

    japhy4529 House Bassist

    That is correct. Aspen changed their policy about 10 days after I enrolled in the program.

    - Tom

    P.S. I have since switched my major from IM to Education. The MSIM program was extremely dry. I am enjoying the MEd classes.

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