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  1. lordchalvey

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    Thanks, SteveFoester. Today I received the following assignment:
    A colleague of yours asked you for your help explaining to a graduate software engineering class why it is inappropriate to discard what appear to be outlying data samples. When asked for the rationale for providing a smaller set of data than would normally be expected given the project protocol, numerous students responded that those data-points were outliers and their elimination improved the correlation they were computing. How would you compellingly explain to these students why this reason alone for exclusion is unethical? The students respond that they have seen the colleague exclude data due to environmental failures (e.g. a power failure during a sorting algorithm performance test) and besides, this is just a class exercise and the colleague should “lighten up?”

    Is this normal for a research methods class? I DO see the utilitarian use of the methodology, but trying to reconcile my learning of the material with also learning "techno-babble" (for those Star Trek fans, like me) is extremely frustrating. Thinking of transferring.
  2. felderga

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    Just curious how you are progressing in the program.

    I'm thinking about doing the Healthcare Leadership option but I'm not thrilled about taking a course in nursing management
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    I started working on my Ed.D. in August of 2016. So far, I have enjoyed the course work, and I appreciate the fact that we can apply our research & writing to our context. Do you have any other thoughts on the program thus far?
  4. Yoel Hoffman

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    I see you posted in 2016. I am considering Aspen U. for my Ed.D. The payment plan of $375/month price tag is a huge sell. Have you taken the Comp Exam yet? If so, can you please share about it. I have major test anxiety and doing a 4-hour Comp Exam at a testing center is a huge turn off.
  5. newsongs

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    On another note, the Aspen stock has gone from .17 to nearly five dollars in less than four years... shucks.
  6. Dustin

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    $31,000 of Aspen stock in 2015 would make one a millionaire today! I wonder if this student completed their program?

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