Aspen University - good, great, bad, or bogus?

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ASPEN UNIVERSITY --- good, bad, or bogus?

  1. Good?

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  1. VB1

    VB1 New Member

    I need to tap into the wisdom of anyone with definite knowledge re: ASPEN UNIVERSITY.

    They claim to be a 3-time winner of the "USDLA" (US Distance Learning Association) "Best Distance Learning Program for Higher Education”.

    I. Oddities...

    A. Suspitious:

    1. Zero Variability on courses: No specilizations/concentrations --- just a core with pre-set courses (all courses).

    2. Super-low cost. (Due in part, obviously, to #1 above.)

    3. No campus.

    B. Reassuring:

    1."DETC" accreditation

    2. People there to take calls.

    What do you think? Good, great, bad, or bogus
  2. oxpecker

    oxpecker New Member

    One of the pioneers of legitimate online higher education, and with a strong reputation for quality and student support. A good choice if a DETC-accredited degree meets your needs.
  3. tcnixon

    tcnixon Active Member

    Without a doubt, comparable to a number of RA schools in all but accreditation. Yes, they offer fewer specializations, but that is not particularly surprising given the size of the school. I would rather see them do what they do well.

    Would I be surprised if they eventually become regionally-accredited and develop a better reputation than some of the newer schools (NorthCentral and Touro International, for examples)? Not particularly.

    Aspen has been around a long time. Mary Adams, the president, posts here upon occasion.

    Tom Nixon
  4. PaulC

    PaulC Member

    As an Aspen (fka ISIM) graduate, I have a clear bias. I took my first online course with them in 1994 and completed my MS in 1996. Aspen was delivering an MS program fully online while most other schools were still trying to imagine just how this internet thing could work. Aspen represents what is right about the whole distance learning paradigm. They have well developed courses and programs, real people to answer your questions and guide you, faculty that are teaching for Aspen because they believe in Aspen as an institution, and are the exemplar of what is good and right about DETC accreditation.

    Whether it meets your personal needs is your call. But there should be no question as to legitimacy.

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