Asian Americans and the Pursuit of Unhappiness

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    Everyone should be treated equally.
    No discrimination should be based on race, gender etc.
    No one should punish a group in this case Asians by rising the barriers specifically to this group in order to accommodate another group - if this is happening then in my opinion its racist.
    As to pressures the parents and the culture applies to the Asian kids or immigrant from other countries kids, indeed it raises the #'s of people who can't withstand the presume.
    Sometimes its an ego between the families, many times its the drive to have the children successful life that maybe they couldn't have in their home countries etc.
    I see the reaction of some of my relatives and family when we talk about our kids choices.
    One of my sons in public school teacher.
    He took a lot of heat from the family for his choice, including many who are teachers themselves.
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    I grew up in a poor country before moving to the US and Canada. I know what it feels like to struggle and compete to have a better life. Basically, I am used to being under a lot of stress and have a high tolerance for pain LOL. That kind of thinking I believe is ingrained in a lot of immigrants. However, their kids, who are culturally American/Canadian, are not really of the same background so it is sometimes hard for immigrants to understand that there is more to life than career/financial success. I am sometimes guilty of imposing my competitiveness with my son but have learned to just chill and let him be who he wants to be. I no longer live in a developing country so he no longer needs to be as "driven" or "competitive" as myself to live a good life.

    Just my 2cents.
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