Ashworth vs Penn Foster Career School (Conservation Programs)?

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  1. SWAGG1

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    I have a Bachelors Degree in Biology from a California State University (graduated in 2010) and I want to enrich my professional career with a supplemental education. I work full time and cannot attend classes in person so I figure getting appropriate additional training online would be a good option. I'm already in the environmental consulting field but want to get some more in depth knowledge of conservation/wildlife management to assist in advancing my career. I was wondering if anyone has experience with/taken the "Conservation Program" from Ashworth College or the "Wildlife/Forestry Conservation Program" from Penn Foster Career School. I've been reading up on both schools and I understand the pros and cons of each (and online school in general), but I figure since I already have a 4-year degree in Biology and have been working in my field for almost 4 years, any additional environmental training I'd get from ether Ashworth or Penn Foster would serve me well.

    Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

  2. LearningAddict

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    I remain skeptical of the viability of the diploma/certificate programs from these schools. If you need a viable program that would allow you to be officially certified for something, I'd look into the certification guidelines and make sure the certifying body will accept completion from one of these programs.

    That said, one of my degrees is from Ashworth. It was a good experience.
  3. CalDog

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    Oregon State University has a well regarded online program in Fisheries & Wildlife Biology. My guess is that the Oregon State name and reputation would far outweigh those of Ashworth or Penn Foster in this field.
  4. sanantone

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    Remember that these are non-credit programs. They probably won't be much more helpful than reading a textbook. If you expand the curriculum list and click on "Additional Unit Material," Penn Foster will tell you some of the books they use.

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