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    Hello Everyone,

    Is anyone here enrolled in the Ashworth College MBA program? Any information on the program would be appreciated.
  2. BSNinTX

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    Ashworth MBA Student

    I am an Ashworth MBA student. I have done 4 courses, and I am almost done with the 5th. Actually, 5 done and the sixth in progress if you count the no-credit intro course.

    You read the text, you read assigned articles, and you write. Each course has about 6 lessons. Each lesson has two or three assignments. Two are short essays, each 1 to 3 pages. Most lessons also have a larger paper of about 4 to 10 pages. Mind, these are all single spaced papers. There is a course final paper as well, which requires some research. Overall, expect to write 50 to 60 single spaced pages of material.

    Grading, to me, is lenient. Expect to do a lot of work, though.

    Support is minimal; the program requires a motivated person who is willing to do the learning for themselves. I've never needed to ask any questions, so I can't speak to that issue. Grading can be quick or take some time; they say they are allowed up to two weeks to grade.

    There are two proctored exams in the program, and I think they're hefty.

    I was fortunate to sign up when it first started, so the whole thing cost me less than $4000. They are up to $9000 now. At that cost, there are some regionally accredited and better received programs available. Consider for example.

    Overall, it is an okay school. I simply want a credential to go along with the things I already know.
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    Can you transfer Ashford MBA credits into the Excelsior MBA?
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    Ashford is an RA school, so its highly likely that Excelsior will accept credits from them. Ashworth however, is a DETC school, and the last communication I had with Excelsior regarding this (a month ago); I was told that they are not currently accepting Ashworth credits.
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    Sorry, Ashworth!

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