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  1. sentinel

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    I think the sticking point for the high school diploma will be having it evaluated to determine whether it is the equivalent of a USofA high school diploma. The same situation as having a foreign degree or credit hours evaluated for US equivalence.

    A non-regionally accredited degree might not a acceptable to the sheriff's office. Remember not too long ago Texas had a similar policy regarding only accepting regionally accredited degree, but the policy has since changed due to the efforts of many people not the least of which was the DETC itself.
  2. RBTullo

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    I agree with Kevin in not fighting city hall. It's been a number of years but Regents College (now Excelsior) used to allow the issuance of the GED after the completion of approximately 26 college credits. It doesn't come up often but this might be an option.

    Since Regents/Excelsior College use to be USNY which was the State Board of Regents, its should be possible to transfer his Globe Degree to Excelsior to qualify for the GED and put an end to this aggravation.

    BTW, in NYC, the Department of Correction is seperate from the Sheriff's Office. The Sheriff's Office is actually part of the Department of Finance.
  3. sentinel

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    Aw, reminders of the Sheriff in the tales of Robin Hood and Sherwood Forest. The more things change the more they stay the same.
  4. MichaelR

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    have you asked them if a credential evaluation proving you HS diploma from another country is equivelant to a US high school would work? its a shame to have to take the GED when you have finished high school in your own country.
  5. Dave Wagner

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    You need to talk to someone who can say Yes. They should be accepting DETC as well.

    Can you request a meeting with the Director of HR or whomever manages the person you've been talking to?

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  7. Chip

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    This is a delicate situation. You've got somebody who is making a decision who probably has no idea what accreditation is, or what it means, and has a list that s/he goes by.

    If you can get to an HR manager, you can see if they're open to the idea that there are ways to determine legitimate accreditation that are pretty much foolproof; one of them is to use the website, which is the closest thing we have to a national database of accredited schools. If you can help them understand that the NY State Board of Regents is recognized by CHEA, in the same way a regional accreditor is, that should do the trick... the challenge will be to get somebody who gives enough of a crap to want to learn about accreditation and why the list they have is (a) not complete, and (b) doing a disservice to the organization itself.
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