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  1. bgossett

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    Spokane a 'hot spot' for dubious degrees
    (free registration required)

    By Bill Morlin

    "Dixie Randock, a former Spokane real estage agent, was listed as the registrant of Branford Academy and a related school, James Monroe University, until last week."

    "After a reporter began asking questions about Randock's ties to Branford Academy, its registration was changed to Mike Dunbar, of Monrovia, Liberia."

    Long time mill followers will recognize Ms. Randock's name.
  2. uncle janko

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    Not to mention Abdulah M. Dunbar.

    [email protected] New Member

    This was the first time a reporter has contacted me for a "less-than-wonderful school" story. Bill Morlin found my e-mail address on the Web. When I spoke to him, he had already heard of George Gollin, but I was the one who put him on to John Bear, Allen Ezell, and DipScam.
  4. John Bear

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    This is one version of hell: sitting in this remote retreat cabin, without phone or Email, knowing the Spokane story is out there, and unable to access it. (I did drive 20 miles to an internet cafe for the privilege of paying $20 an hour to discover that the Spokane site is unavailable to me.)

    I can only hope that a comparable story in Rochester, the other axis of the Liberia business, will happen as well.

    Mark -- you done good -- but now yourname is on the hit list, too. Welcome to the club.

  5. oxpecker

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    Rochester story is here: Diploma Mills Cast a Shadow

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