Arizona State University 100% Online Doctor of Behavioral Health

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    Hi AV8R,

    This program is always listed in the ACA Maganize. I previously thought about it and think its a good degree to earn if you are already clinically licensed and work or are looking to work in a community mental health clinic or government behavioral health department. Most professional doctorates do not require a dissertation, but require a Project/Capstone or similar paper - sometimes qualitative/quantitative or theoretical. I had spoken with the program director and yes, you will be doing practicum...the entire 18mths (unless things have changes since its first development 2 years ago). Also to finish as fast of 18mths you are taking a lot of classes at once....that plus 16-20hrs of practicum per wk, plus homework - to me means you are not going to be working. I don't know anyone with a DBH degree, but did work with individuals with a Masters in BH and were very knowledgeable.

    *oh and the whole practicum thing... I am an LCSW, but I don't know if my supervisor would have wanted to spend extra time doing video conferencing with the school professor or course instructor for my benefit 1-2hrs a week. That is whats required by the program.


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