Are there any sub-$10,000 computer teacher programs?

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    I want to combine my work as a teacher with my interests in computers. Ordinary computer science programs do not introduce teaching pedagogy or applications that will interest students, e.g. 3D software, robots, etc. I am looking for a computer science/computer technology program designed for teachers of grades 6-12. I do not care if it is a second BA, certificate, graduate diploma, or Ed.S, but want to earn a credential of some kind without spending more than $10,000.

    I found this list at allEducationSchools, but these all appear to be for-profit schools or really expensive. I'd prefer something that is regionally accredited offering real college undergraduate or graduate credits. Does anyone know of any such program?
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    I'm assuming that you're not looking for a plain educational technology program since they tend to focus on using technology to teach instead of how to teach computer science/technology.

    These options might be slightly over $10,000.
    Career and Technical Education: Online Master's Degree | Mizzou Online | University of Missouri
    A Technology Education Degree Program Online - Bachelor's and Master's | VCSU
    Career And Technical Education | VCSU

    I don't know the price of these programs, but you might want to search for schools with "technical education" or "career and technical education" programs. These brings up a lot more results than "computer science education."
    Master of Arts in Career & Technical Education - Ball State University
    Career and Technical Education MS (UW-Stout) | Online Master's Degree | University of Wisconsin System eCampus - UW Online Education
    Bachelor of Occupational Education-Online Degree
    Online Master's in Career and Technical Education: Course Details | Concordia University - Portland online
    Online and Distance Education Programs and Degrees
    Career and Technical Education | Online Education | Western Michigan University
    Career Technical Education
    Professional Program in Career Technical Education | UC Berkeley Extension (I think this is a non-credit credential and it only costs $1,900)
    Teaching and Training Technical Professionals : The University of Akron Degree Programs
    Wilmington University Career and Technical Education Bachelor of Science About
    Degree Programs - Online Programs - Wayne State University
    Online Degrees - Career & Technical Education | Utah State University
    USU to offer new online degree in technical education - Allaccess - The Herald Journal
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    Great list! Thanks very much!

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