Are Russians going to test the West / President Biden?

Discussion in 'Political Discussions' started by Lerner, Apr 7, 2021.

  1. Lerner

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    Western military sources estimate that Russia concentrated at least 28 battalion tactical battalions along the border with Ukraine , in addition to Russian forces stationed in the Crimean peninsula and areas held by pro-Russian differences.
    Moscow says that this is a big maneuver of the Russian army, but Moscow does not say when this maneuver will open and end.

    Washington, NATO, and Western European countries, led by Germany, fear P. Putin is
    planning a new round of war in Ukraine, a round that will increase the territory controlled by pro-Russian separatists and possibly also the territory that Russia holds on the Crimean peninsula, measures that would undermine the pro-Western central government in Kiev.

    Past two weeks the Russian military has concentrated forces, including heavy artillery and tanks, along Russia's eastern and northern borders with Ukraine.
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  2. Lerner

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    Some politicians in W criticize what we have now what appears to be a leadership that is a one dimensional leadership that
    executes plan and see what happens. Then the side effects come when they don't think things thru. Maybe they should have followed the adage: " If is not broke, don't fix it."
    What follows is a multidimensional reaction to at best a one dimensional non thought out foreign policy plan. Russians preparing to what appears taking control of Donbass and other areas.
    China deploys initially 5000 troops to Iran. China in Iran will gain a quick reaction force to choke point to 80% of the worlds trade routs (Oil). Also to deter Israel from attacking Iran.
    Iran will feel that they can retaliate with impunity.
    Should US president reverse his oil pipeline exec order? Were will US get it oil in such event? What will happen to the world piece?
    Challenging decisions/times awaiting.

    "Partly, it is the usual tactics, turning up and down the conflict to create instability, to show that Russia is a key player," said one EU diplomat. "We cannot exclude that Biden's presidency is part of the Russian calculus, that it's time for Moscow to show a bit of muscle."
    Lets hope this is proven wrong and our leadership prove Russian calculations wrong.
  3. SteveFoerster

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    There's an argument to be made that the Ukrainians should never have given up their nukes.
  4. Lerner

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    Ukraine gain independence in 1991.
    By 1996, Ukraine transferred all Soviet-era strategic warheads to Russia.
    Ukraine received extensive assistance to dismantle ICBMs, ICBM silos, heavy bombers, and cruise missiles from the U.S.
    funded Cooperative Threat Reduction Program.

    United States and other NATO members argue that Russian aggression, including the annexation of Crimea,
    violates the Budapest Memorandum that led to Ukraine renouncing the nuclear weapons on its territory following the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

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