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  1. DNICE

    DNICE New Member

    I'm thinking about taking APU's online chemistry course, has anyone here taken their course? Is APU fully accrediated?
  2. Tireman44

    Tireman44 member

    APU? Do you mean American Public University? Please post link.
  3. DNICE

    DNICE New Member

  4. Tireman44

    Tireman44 member

    American Public University System (APUS) is accredited by DETC.
    APUS is a Candidate with the Higher Learning Commission and an affiliate of the North Central Association. APUS accreditation site visit planned for Feb. 6-8. The next step in the process is to host a four-member evaluation team from other regional member institutions, as they conduct their site visit February 6-8, 2006. The evaluation team will make an accreditation recommendation to the North Central Association's Higher Learning Commission, which will inform the University System of its decision in mid-April.

    That should answer your question.
  5. SteveFoerster

    SteveFoerster Resident Gadfly Staff Member

    If you're considering taking it to transfer to most institutions, you'll have a problem, since they don't have regional accreditation yet. They're a good school, and I expect they'll get it, but that doesn't help you in the meantime.

  6. DNICE

    DNICE New Member

    Thanks for the help I dont need to take this course until next year, so I will probably know by then. BTW I'm a Houston native.
  7. Tireman44

    Tireman44 member

    Where in Houston? Not to hijack the thread. :)
  8. DNICE

    DNICE New Member

    Southeast, I will be glad when APU can get their regional accrediation, because their intro to chemistry class looks great, APU emailed me their course syllabus. I need intro to chemistry for nursing school. Once I'm done with all of my pre-reqs I plan to have all of my college transcripts placed on one transcript by exclsior. I talked with Exclsior today and they said they would only accept a regional accrediated campus, but I just talked wiwth APU and they said they are nationally accrediated and they always accept excslior students, and they said they dont why excslior wouldn't accept credits from them?
  9. Tireman44

    Tireman44 member

    I am in the NE ( Humble).
  10. Mustang

    Mustang New Member

    I am not sure why the question. It clearly states on their website that they are DETC A and a candidate for regional.
  11. sentinel

    sentinel New Member

    Thomas Edison State College accepts transfer credits from schools which are candidates for regional accreditation. Perhaps you could consider Thomas Edison State College instead of Excelsior College.
  12. DNICE

    DNICE New Member

    Thanks for the advice, has anyone here attended apu?
  13. PhD2B

    PhD2B Dazed and Confused

    APU is not brought up as often as some other schools, but the link below is the result of a search for APU on DI.

    Take a look at the threads in the search to find DI members who are [have] considered APU and contact them directly.


    You may also want to contact students that have attended American Military University (AMU) since APUS and AMU are essentially the same university.

    I believe Ted Heiks has attended AMU and would more than likely not mind sharing his experience. Ted...are you listening? :)
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  14. Tireman44

    Tireman44 member

    I actually am in the Military Studies program. I am taking a historiography course as we speak. Just as demanding as the courses I took at UH and NCCU. It is RC 576. We have a 20 page paper, 4-6 page Oral History Interview and 6 2-3 page book reviews. I would say that is quite demanding.
  15. sentinel

    sentinel New Member

    I am currently enrolled in the Associate of Arts General Studies programme at APU. I have enjoyed the courses thus far, perhaps a bit too much and overdid it last year.
  16. jimwe

    jimwe Member

    I'm in the process of taking the first 5 classes for the graduate certificate in Emergency and Disaster Mgt. Man, is it a lot of work! It is very rigorous.

    I noticed they dropped a lot of their grad programs like Human Resources, etc... What are left are mostly military/government type programs, but this is their niche, anyway. I have no doubt they'll get their RA, they are definitely a good outfit. Outside of the *%*!# hard work they make me do, I’m impressed.
  17. japhy4529

    japhy4529 House Bassist

    Hi Jimwe,

    I remember you mentioning in an earlier post that you were going for an MPH (Masters in Public Health) with a concentration in Emergency Management at APU. What factors influenced your decision to change majors? Just curious.

  18. jimwe

    jimwe Member

    There were several reasons. Number one, I didn't really want to mess with the Sadistics (statistics) class-I am not a math person.

    From another post, it seems that Public Health is kind of the "red haired stepchild" of the field. Nurses, doctors, etc... are licensed but Public Health types are not. It kind of limits you, especially if you don’t want to go on for something like Epidemiology (ugh, even more math!) or work for FEMA.

    It finally came down to the fact, I’d rather teach and try to get at least some experience in this field at the same time. I’d like to end up teaching online, in a community college or for an outfit like the Red Cross-or a combination thereof.

    Finally, there was just the interest factor as well. I’ve done about half of the FEMA Independent Online Classes and just find the subject interesting as well and decided that I might as well do an MA in it. Since I'm coming home near the end of the year, the graduate cert in it seemed like a good compromise. I'll finish when I find a job in the field and someone to help me pay for it. I'm tired of paying out of my pocket.
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  19. Ted Heiks

    Ted Heiks Moderator and Distinguished Senior Member

    Sorry, my internet connection was somehow messed up for a few days, but my brother has gotten that fixed for me now. You are correct that I was once a student at AMU and my description of their program is in the thread "Question for Ted Heiks" http://forums.degreeinfo.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=19467 .
  20. mourningdove

    mourningdove New Member

    I am a full time faculty with APUS and have nothing but good things to say about APU and AMU. I teach in the undergraduate programs. I am also taking a graduate course in public health which included 3 texts, 3 case studies of 2 pages each, a research paper of 40 pages, and 2 exams of 50 questions each. It is wearing me out ;-)


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