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    Hello All
    I sent my application to Nova Southeastern yesterday for the Master of Science in Computing Technology in Education. I graduate this spring from Colorado State University - Pueblo with a Bachelor's in Sociology/Criminology. I've been working with computers though for over 6 years. This degree seems like a good fit with what I want to do. The program and school looked appealing to me, and I am considering going on the to the Doctorate program later. Has any one had any experience with this Univeristy and/or this particular program. Any info will be appreciated. Also would appreciate info on any comparable programs in Computing Technology in Education.

    Thank You :)
  2. dst10spr97

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    Good Luck

    Good luck to you. I am also going to sit down this week and apply to their DBA program. Keep your fingers crossed for me! long does it take them to respond with a nay or yay? Also.... Can you have two concentrations and if so how much longer will that take. I want to do a combination of accounting and finance, with my main concentration being accounting.
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    Re: Good Luck

    Well if they are anything like how UF was it could take anything from a month to a week before the next semester starts.

    I asked around to some professors about how a student is selected to get into graduate school at UF. Nobody seemed to know the exact process! But from what I gathered:

    1. The university receives your application and throws them into a pile with others. They don't touch it until your check clears and the money is deposited into the university's account. This alone can take at least a week or two. HINT: If the school has an online application and you can pay with credit card, do it that way! It is much quicker!

    2. Someone in the admissions office goes over your application to check your degrees, transcripts,GRE scores, etc. If there is a problem, the student is usually contact to provide more information. If not, everything gets sent to the department you are applying to.

    3. You application is received by the department and sits there until the next departmental meeting. When that meeting does come, this is the part where they read your letters of recommendation, statement of purpose, etc, and decide if they can use you. HINT (more for B&M students): It's always good to visit the department you are applying to and talk to some professors. Especially the graduate coordinator and the professor with the area of expertise you are interested in. This helps you get funding and when it comes time to decide to let you in they will remember you.

    So the bottlenecks in the process are:
    ,. If your check bounces, and
    2. When they schedule the next departmental meeting. Some departments seem to meet monthly, but some even less than that.
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    Re: Good Luck

    Dear dst10spr97 - My experiences with Nova's SBE from an administrative perspective have been fairly positive. Once you have all your stuff in (e.g. transcripts, etc.) it shouldn't be too long to get a decision. Since registration for January term is basically done - I'd shoot for starting in the spring.

    As for two concentrations - I'd encourage you to do one and graduate. Then do the other. Why? NSU has offered graduates half tuition for second concentrations.

    I graduates in 1996 with a major in management. I went back to complete the IT management concentration (at half price). Now, I'm about to go back and take the accounting sequence. I'm currently taking some masters level accounting to get myself up to speed.

    I'd consider doing finance first as it has 3 courses and then do accounting (4 courses).

    Regards - Andy

  5. dst10spr97

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    Thanks Andy! You are wealth of information. I thought about you when I drove past Kettering the other day. I am originally from Flint Michigan and spend every Christmas there with my family.
  6. Andy Borchers

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    Re: Thanks

    Thanks for your note. The city of Flint has changed a lot over the past few years. Too bad that much of the economic base of the city is gone. Surprisingly, colleges are becoming a key industry - with Baker College, UM Flint, Kettering and Mott. I hope the city can rebound soon.

    Regards - Andy

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    Thank You Flint!

    As somebody who grew up in Jackson, we always loved Flint. Flint kept Jackson from being last place in all those ratings lists (most livable, healthiest people, etc...). Then Michael Moore comes along! Although he is from the rich suburb of Davison outside of Flint, I still think Flint should claim him. What a guy!
  8. raristud

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    Yea. What a guy. Getting rich from the very administration and economic system he criticizes so vehemently. Fillling his pockets and taking ( releasing movies ) from the very people he defends.

    He is an ambitious man. If I was micheal moore, Id probably do the same thing. If he sells a multimillion dollar product ( his propaganda ) and people buy it, I assume he has done good business.

    In regards to the tsunami relief and reconstruction effort, does anyone know how much money he donated?
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