Anyone want the skinny on Newburgh Theological Seminary?

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  1. Karen Morton

    Karen Morton New Member

    Wow. I wish I had read this post before enrolling!
  2. RAM PhD

    RAM PhD Member

    NTS is no more reputable today than the day it opened for business.
  3. Neuhaus

    Neuhaus Well-Known Member

    You know...I think there is a lot of room for vigorous debate about for-profits and their role in academia. I think that discussion should be fair and should include comparisons, especially around cost, to some of their non-profit equivalents but room for a debate nonetheless.

    It baffles me, however, that schools like NTS, Trinity and LBU are never discussed in the public forum when we talk about consumer protection. If you're shelling out $2,500 for an associates degree, I have to question the target demographic there. I doubt they're after well paid professionals who just decided that they need an associates degree. People are being sold these programs and are being led to believe that they offer some meaningful credential when, in fact, they're being offered nothing that I cannot type up and print today. Yet, a quick search of LinkedIn shows that there are quite a few people using these degrees for non-religious settings. Some have also clearly earned their Board Certified Chaplain designation because, apparently, no one checked because that program requires degrees to be accredited. Secular employers are being duped and everyone seems fine with it as long as it has Bible in the name and isn't the University of Phoenix.

    Edit: You remember when we did a LinkedIn search on LBU and came up with that person who got into Regent Law with a bachelors from LBU? And we were all split on whether this was someone who slipped through the cracks or whether Regent flexes for religious schools like LBU?

    Here's another one:

    Unless this profile is out of date this is someone whose undergrad is unaccredited but who has a Masters from Liberty.

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