Anyone Taken the CLEP Biology Exam?

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  1. learnaswego

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    I am not a science major, but to complete my bachelor's degree, I need nine more units in the sciences. My plan is to take the CLEP Biology exam (worth six LD units at my school) and the DANTES/DSST Astronomy exam (worth three LD units).

    Previously, I had planned to take the CLEP Natural Sciences exam, but when I found out my school only gave four units for it, I thought I should go for the CLEP Biology exam instead.

    I checked out the Free University Project site for study help but found the Online Biology Book a bit daunting. It looked to me like it would take me at least half a semester just to get through all the information in it.

    I only need to get a score on the test of 50 percent or higher, so I was wondering if a non-science major could likely pass the CLEP Biology exam using only instantcert.

    If possible, I would like to cram for the test for a couple of weeks and then go ahead and take it.

    I would appreciate any feedback anyone could give me about this test and how to study for it.
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    Haven't taken this exam but IMHO you should do a bit more than instancert to pass this exam. Maybe add a cliff notes guide on the subject? Good luck.

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