Anyone taken Dantes Statistics?

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  1. Boomer

    Boomer New Member

    I'm taking this test next monday and am looking for any pointers.

    Any have-to study materials?

  2. Boomer

    Boomer New Member

    Well they cancelled my test :( They must of had some computer issues or something and I have rescheduled for late next week.

    The up side is i have more time to study.

    Does anyone know of any sample dantes statistics sample tests?

    Has anyone taken this test and if so, what type of questions are on the test. I cant imagine they would let me drag my business calculator in the test with me.....

    any help greatly appreciated.

  3. deej

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  4. Boomer

    Boomer New Member

    Thanks for the links. Unfortunately I have seen those previously. I was hoping for another source for questions similar to those I would find on the test. I need more than 10 sample questions to feel more comfortable =)

    As far as the calculator goes, a non-programmible calculator cannot (as far as I know) compute standard deviation or regression so I am curious whether we are having to do that by hand.

    I was hoping someone would shed some light on the difficulty of the questions and whether I would be doing lots of calculations or whether its mostly theory...etc.

  5. gsmckee

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  6. steeler

    steeler New Member

    I took this exam in late October and I must say that it wasn't very difficult. I used Barron's Ez-101 Study Keys booklet on Statistics to review for the exam and I found it to be very useful because it covered everything I saw in the exam and it helped me keep all of the essential info fresh in my mind. The exam didn't have very many calculations in it so be sure to know the theory pretty well. If you can, try to get yourself that little book and look it over throughly before your exam. Good luck!
  7. Boomer

    Boomer New Member

    thanks, will do!!


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