Anyone know of a Phd program in counseling that...

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  1. greentealady

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    will prepare you for licensure in California? (LPC)
  2. chrislarsen

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    There are a few PHD. programs in counseling (as opposed to counseling psychology) that are non-residential. Oregon State, Liberty University, Regents University are among them. These tend to be post-master's doctoral programs, so you would have to get an M.A. in counseling and then get into a doctoral program. The url for Oregon State is Ph.D. in Counseling -- Teacher & Counselor Education -- Oregon State University -- Extended Campus -- Ecampus and it will give you a general idea about what these programs are like.
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    YOu are only required to have a master's degree to become licensed in Calfiornia. The University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Utah State, SanDiego State University, and Univeristy of North Texas have rehabilitation counsleing prgrams that can qualify for licensure in most states. Some of them have mental helath options under the major.
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    Walden has a PhD you can do online
  5. glory

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    Walden's PHD is in Mental Health Counseling by the way. Where are you getting your Masters in counseling at?

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