Anyone know a school that Looks at MATs

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  1. cjsdowg

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    I was just wondering if anyone knew a school that looked at a person's MAT I was just wondering if anyone knew a school that looked at a person's MAT scores in place of a GRE score. And that is APA accredited.

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    Are you looking for Pscyhology program that is APA approved via distance? Well, for graduate degrees there is not many. You have to give us more specific information, degree level, and etc.
  3. cjsdowg

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    I do not care about distance.. sure I would like that however .. but it is not a deal breaker.
    I am looking for a PhD or PsyD program.

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    I looked at most of B&M Unviersities require GRE, and some even requires Psychology GRE subject test. Fielding Graduate University doens't require any entertance exam.
  5. krainey

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    UWA takes MAT scores or GRE scores for admission
  6. AdjunctInstructor

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    Does any one know what a 90-100 percentile with raw score of 69 on the official practice MAT would correlate to on the real MAT? I need at least a 400 to apply to an Ed.D. program. It seems I would probably score 400 or higher on the real test, but I am not really sure. For $35.00 it seems like the official MAT practice test would be more informative. I appreciate any feed back. Thank you.
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    I took the MAT 10 years ago but I don't believe things have changed much. From my observations, most schools use it as another hoop to jump through. The school usually posts the minimum score required on the MAT for acceptance into the graduate program and anything above that doesn't really matter much! The schools look at your GPA, LOR's, Essay, personal interview, etc. and takes that into consideration as well. If you are scoring in the 90th percentile you should have no problems.

    As I recall, the main reason I took the MAT over the GRE was because it was cheap and it only took a couple of hours. Best of Luck!
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  8. AdjunctInstructor

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    Thank you

    Delta thanks.

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