Anyone have any experience or opinions about this college?

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    Thank you for your reply - that's actually rather reassuring. As I posted above, I live in Columbus, Ohio and we have several colleges here (or near us) that have strong religious affiliation, such as Capital University, Ohio Dominican, Ohio Wesleyan, and Ohio Christian University as well as Mount Vernon Nazarene University in Mt. Vernon all have religious affiliation, and a lot of people have also attended Ashland University (which has a branch in Columbus) and is also religiously affiliated - it seems to cater more to people in teaching and health professions that tend to find supplemental Master's programs at Ashland. Almost all of the colleges (secular and religiously affiliated) in Columbus and the surrounding areas are well known and respected to a degree as "legitimate" in the region. Franklin University, Otterbein, Columbus State Community College, The Columbus College of Art and Design (CCAD) and of course, The Ohio State University are all popular. It's funny how just being familiar with something - seeing it as an actual institution in the community, can change your perceptions of it, so I appreciate your perspective. I certainly have NOT ruled out the program I'm looking at - it's simply the most affordable thing I've found for a similar Cert, and the founder of the institute/program (Les Parrott) has legitimate medical / academic credentials as well as theological ones (which don't really interest me). I feel better keeping it on my radar with your perspectives at hand.

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