Anyone familiar with Swinburne's astronomy program?

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    I am interested in taking astronomy classes at Australia's Swinburne University and possibly completing the graduate certificate course. But, alas, I haven't heard much about the program. I would mostly be taking classes out of personal fulfillment, that is if I can even get into the program. My background is entirely in the humanities, so I'm not sure if I can even get into the certificate program. Is anyone familiar with this program, and whether someone like me, with minimal experience in the sciences, would be able to even enter into the program. I've heard that most classes are not heavy on math and the certificate and degree is mostly designed for serious amateurs. Anyways, I figure I would reach out to the community here to see what they know! :wave:

    SAO Entry Requirements
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    This format looks a lot like a program that was offered by James Cook University but now seemingly discontinued. A former member of this forum obtained a Masters of Astronomy from JCU.

    I do not know anything about the Swinburne courses. All I can suggest is sign up and see if you like it.

    Looking at the Swinburne website I could not figure out what is meant by a "recognised tertiary qualification or approved equivalent".

    I do like the course asssessment method (no exams) and would give students the chance to get help in their weak areas (biology, math, etc)

    The masters would suit me but I can other ways to spend $20K.
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    Yeah, I don't understand that either. Maybe it's some strange education lingo used only in Australia? Any Aussies on deck that could explain what a "tertiary" qualification is?
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    It probably just means "a college degree". In general:

    - Primary education = kindergarten + elementary school
    - Secondary education = middle school + high school
    - Tertiary education = college + graduate school

    This is not just Australian terminology. For example, the US Dept. of Education defines the "Structure of US Education" as follows:

    In the US, the terms "post-secondary education" or "higher education" are perhaps more common that "tertiary education". But they mean the same thing.
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    Thanks for the input guys!

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